Doli Armaano Ki Episode 286 Update on Thursday 8th February 2018

Scene 1:
Location: Rainbow International School
A gap of six years follow, and the scene begins on Rainbow International School’s Annual Function. After the announcement of the awards, the final award is Best Student of the Year, and its declared to be Shaurya Singh Rathore. The entire family cheers, along with Ishaan, as a grown up Shaurya receives his award humbly. He wants to say a few words, and then goes onto give the entire credit of his success to his mother. all get emotional, particularly, ishaan. he says that she isnt with them right now, but she is the world’s best mother, and dedicates this trophy to his mother, Urmi Singh, and expresses how much he loves her. Asha exclaims that urmi should have been here today.
Screen 2:
Location: Mumbai Chawl
Urmi is shown to be progressing with a crowd of ladies, towards a house, where domestic violence is being borne on a woman, by her husband, as she screams and yelps in pain. The husband, who’s a holligan, is shocked as he finds his rod, stopped by a determined urmi. He asks who is she, and another woman answers that they are from an NGO, which helps women suffering from domestic violence. She starts reprimanding him, saying that his wife isnt a servant, but his contemporary, and that from hereon, she wont survive with him, and his beatings. She also advises him, as to what a ggood husband is, and gives him a final warning. He says that he shall continue this, and asks what would she do. she says that she would put him in jail. The wife says that she doesnt need all this, as its her husband. Urmi is surprised, and then asks the lady how long would she bear like this, and not understand her rights, and if she doesnt change her thinking, her life would be over, bearing him, and that by bearing, she isnt respecting, but instigating him, and her children, where the girl would think its natural, and the son, would continue to beat his wife too. She asks the lady to be self reliant. Then she leaves.
Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Shaurya is busy celebrating his win, with the servants, when he senses urmi coming in, and she does too. All are surprised at this telepathic connection. Urmi gives a tight hug to shaurya, and says that she is very proud of him, and congratulates him. He says that he has won the trophy for her only, and its his achievement. She takes it and gets emotional, and then apologises for not being able to come, as there was an urgent work. He says that its okay and she understands, and that they shouldnt belittle the happiness, by apologising. Asha as usual continues with her nonsensical banter. All are amused. urmi asks about the function from shaurya, and is happy that ishaan took pics and videos for shaurya. Urmi tries to take, but ishaan acts pricey, and doesnt let urmi see them, teasing her. He says that she shall have to pay a price, to see the videos, for sending and receiving shaurya from school, taking care of him, when she is busy, and shaurya says that its indeed ishaan. She tries to see, but ishaan doesnt let her, and urmi asks whats the price. They all decide on a party, and the servants are given a bonus of one day. Gaurav reminds them that its the anniversary tonight and they shouldnt be late. All smile.


Scene 4:
Location: Mansion
Its the venue for Mr. and Mrs. Sinha’s 50thanniversary party, wherein Damini Sinha, the host finally comes in, with a dramatic entry, dressed in labels from top to bottom, and gloating about it, as to how her husband and her son, shower it all on her. Her friends are jealous and envious of her stature. She starts talking about urmi’s efficiency and dexterity, and just then, she comes in too, with her family, and Ishaan. He says that they are very late. Urmi says that its his fault, and he should manage. urmi wishes her a Happy Anniversary. Just then, ishaan comes in wishing her too, and its revealed that its his mother. He apologises giving the excuse of traffic, when his father comes in saying that such excuses are not pardonable. Ishaan says that his excuse is genuine, and they can ask urmi, but he asks him to keep urmi out of it, as she is the one who organised the entire party. His father then asks about shaurya, and they get to searching for him. Someone tells shaurya that his father is searching for him. He gets tensed, and says that he doesnt have a father, as he is dead. He is super scared.
Scene 5:
Location: Central Jail
Samrat comes out of central jail, having served his sentence of six years, without an ounce of change, with the same equally evil, and hideous spirit, saying that again he has returned to take away their happiness. The screen freezes on his face.
Precap: Samrat knocks on a door, and diwaker opens up. Their stature has changed drastically, as they live a meagre life, with reasonable means. Nevertheless, Samrat tries to get in, but diwaker stops and surprises him. Diwaker asks samrat why has he come here, as they have no place for him, in their house. samrat is shocked.

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