Kundali Bhagya Episode 44 Update on Thursday 25th January 2018

Preeta comes sprinkling rose water over Karan, she was afraid he would again argue; then decides not to argue with him today. Karan comes asking what chemical is she spraying, does she intend to be his girlfriend and is so desperate. He tells her to leave Mumbai, Preeta says she would never leave Mumbai and this Mumbai doesn’t belong to some idiotic cricket player. Shrishti comes there and hands them dancing sticks, Preeta and Karan doesn’t stop fighting. Shrishti says if they won’t fight, the party would be really boring. They must continue arguing. Both laugh together, then wonders why they shared smiles.
Sarla panics about the arrangements. Preeta and family welcome Rishab and family. Preeta asks about Sherlin, Kareena replies curtly she is just coming. Karan boasts to Rishab he
finally won. Rishab says Karan won because they let him, they didn’t want him to be upset today. Karan says they ruined all the fun but let it go.

Rakhi and Dadi discuss it’s a beautiful decoration. Kareena looks around and says the girls didn’t show her good options when in Kritika’s engagement. She goes to take a call. Karan comes to some girls going crazy after him. He asks them to stick to their own boyfriends. Sameer asks what he wants, Karan calls a girl who was single and begins to flirt. Sameer takes him aside. Karan says he doesn’t want to mingle with any taken girl. He boasts about his charm and says he never proposes, only girls proposes him. Sameer also wish for a hot girl in life.

Shrishti comes from front, Sameer wonders why he was given this tall girl? Shrishti comes to him, Sameer turns to leave but Shrishti asks why was he staring her? Sameer denies any staring, he wanted to see a hot girl. Shrishti boasts no one is hotter than her. Sameer was irritated. Shrishti leaves forbidding him to follow her.
Sherlin reaches the hall with her mother. Kareena comes to take them inside. Rishab turns to look towards Preeta who was instructing some waiters. He thinks about stopping Preeta, all this is really wrong. He notices Preeta greeting Mr. Luthra from a distance and walks past him, her dress touches his hand. He wonders what he wants, why he feels this engagement is the biggest mistake of his life. What must he do? Should he tell Preeta he doesn’t want this engagement? Preeta comes to Rishab and asks why is he tensed? Rishab only thinks he doesn’t want to get engaged. Rishab tells Preeta she is really pretty. Preeta wasn’t able to understand. She asks if he knows what she understood, then let it go as it would feel awkward. He is a little different, really simple and innocent. Sherlin and Kareena watch Preeta and Rishab speak to each other. Preeta takes Rishab towards the engagement corner. She asks if he likes the décor here. Rishab says it’s really beautiful, then asks Preeta if he can ask a question? Only then Kareena comes with Sherlin. Preeta compliments Sherlin and teases Rishab if he has seen someone as pretty as Sherlin. Rishab says she is looking pretty. Kareena tells Preeta to leave the couple alone and takes her aside. Sherlin tells Rishab he looks really handsome. Rishab wonders why he feels like kidnapped.
Preeta finds Karan flirting the girl in the corner. He comes towards her and asks why she made such a bad face. Preeta asks if he doesn’t see time or venue, it’s his brother’s engagement and he begins to flirt anywhere. Karan teases her to be jealous. Preeta says she feels bad for the girl whom he flirts. Karan insists she can’t handle him being with another girl. Preeta turns to leave, Karan says girls would come and go but she would remain permanent. The girls comes there. Karan tells her that Preeta is his girlfriend. Kritika wonders when Karan would accept it in front of the family. She comes to Karan and says she knows about their affair. Karan says he only took Preeta’s name to get rid of Sofia, she must now get rid of the thought. Kritika thinks they are fooling her, she has seen them together many times. The next time she would come to him with proof and agrees to Karan.
Akshay asks Karan why he is so off today, on his engagement day he wanted to stop him from getting engaged. Karan says he is younger, then tells Rishab he can still cancel the engagement. Once he gets married, he must take Sherlin’s approval even to speak to Preeta. Rishab tells Karan he doesn’t feel this all as right thing, can they cancel the engagement?

PRECAP: Sarla and Preeta were upset as the fuse of hall had been stolen. There Sherlin was worried but Kareena says she has the fuse. Sherlin asks what if people suspect her, they know Kareena doesn’t like Preeta.

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