Kumkum Bhagya Episode 986 Update on Thursday 25th January, 2018

The Episode starts with Simonika says if they break the door, then snake might come out and bite everyone, and if you go inside then it might bite you. Pragya says Abhi is stuck there and might be scared. Abhi asks snake what it would like to have, and asks chole bature, milk etc. He asks can I go downstairs and bring milk for you. Snake takes out its tongue. Abhi says I will not go anywhere and asks about its family. He says he will launch snake’s family. He says I will give you insurance and a room in his lonavala room. Pragya prays for Abhi. Taya ji tries to open the door. Abhi gets scared now and asks someone to save him. He says if I die then what will be published in the newspaper. He asks snake not to bite him. Taya ji manages to open the door. Pragya says I will go inside. Dasi says if
snake bites you. Pragya says nothing will happen to me and goes inside. Tanu thinks if Munni manages to save him then he will get impress with her. Pragya comes inside and asks Abhi to calm down. Abhi says you left me inside and was standing out. Pragya asks him to calm down, but shouts when snake hisses.
Abhi says if this snake bites me then I will not leave you, will take revenge and will scare you becoming ghost. Pragya asks him to be silent and let her think what to do. Tanu peeps inside the room. Pragya brings towel in her hand and throws on snake. Snake falls down. Pragya falls on Abhi and says snake is going. Tanu peeps inside and says Munni is on Abhi now. Aaliya says if snake comes out then will kill us. Taya ji asks what is happening inside. Tanu says munni saved Abhi and cries. Taya ji asks her to be grateful to God that Abhi is saved. Dasi says Munni went inside alone and saved him, she is really courageous. Taya ji says snake is inside still and says they shall call animal welfare. Tanu cries and says Munni took advantage of the situation and saved him. Now he will fall in love with her and will stick to him. Aaliya asks her to be quiet and says if snake bites anyone. Simonika is angry hearing Pragya saved Abhi. Aaliya asks Tanu you would have gone to save Bhai rather than crying.
Mitali asks Simonika if she is not happy as Abhi is saved. Simonika says it is good and says she will keep the file in study. Mitali says she is strange girl. Pragya asks Abhi where is the snake and says she can’t see. Abhi says you can’t see and starts fighting with her. He says you made me wait and goes to check the central heater. Pragya is about to tell him about the conspiracy, but stops. He says he is a man and courageous. Pragya says you would have handle snake then, and says I shall leave you alone with snake. Abhi says I had handled the snake well. Pragya asks him to be with snake. Abhi says I will stay. Pragya thinks he will stay with snake family. Abhi thinks she put me in danger and now tried to save me to impress me.

She sits on sofa. Abhi sees snake on sofa and pulls Pragya towards him on bed. Tanu says I have no scope, my career has ended and says I am not Jhansi ki rani to keep fighting and keep losing. Aaliya says Munni is a villager and that’s why went inside to handle the snake and asks why you are under estimating yourself. Tanu asks really? Aaliya asks her to have confidence.

Simonika thinks Pragya always spoils her plans and calls Ganesh, the snake charmer. He says he is standing behind the house. Simonika asks him if the snake bites someone before Abhi then what will happen. Ganesh tells that whoever snakes bites first will be dead, others can survive. Simonika thinks to ensure snake bites Abhi first.
Abhi asks what you are looking at? Pragya says you have saved me. Abhi says he thought about snake. Pragya says you don’t want snake to kill me. Abhi says you have saved me and now I have saved you, scores settled. Pragya looks at him. Abhi says your magic will not work on me, and says he loves just fuggi. Pragya asks him to love just fuggi and says where there is love, there is feelings, no meaning. He asks if she is impressed. Pragya says anyone can save others. Abhi says I was taking care of snake and asks for food. Pragya says we will call snake and you can send it to its home. Just then she sees snake and shouts. Abhi hides behind sofa.

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