Daddy Lumba is a very selfish and greedy person, I don’t mean to go personal on him but for treating a poor boy who loves you even more than his own father, and sees you as next to God in such an awful manner is what I can’t phantom. You know this boy so well, you both have performed on the same stage before, laughed together and even had chitchats. So, why sue the boy for impersonation when you already know you’re his wannabe who dresses like you, braids his hair like you, talks/mimics voice like you, and even bleaches his body like you. Is it because the boy is gaining more grounds and wants to continue your legacy when you die, since you’re far aging and not healthy as you used to be.? What fame, money and success haven’t you made in your music career for over 3 decades? Persons like the  Gospel artist, Issiah Ampong (Akoko funu) and the rest have accused you of cheating them of their share of some monies. Also, you almost rendered a fan amputee when you stamped so hard on his hand, for trying to pick a cedi note on the stage which was thrown at you. Why all these sickening attitudes from you, Papa Daddy Lumba.? Yes! You’re indeed an icon in Ghana music, but you don’t seem to me like someone who wants to leave a good name behind after he’s gone. Life is all about live, and let’s live.

Written by : Van Calebs

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