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King Nasir informs Shugatiti, “I don’t want to date you.”

In line with a recent trend, King Nazir chose to gratify Ghanaian socialite Shugatiti after she made it known that no guy could make her have orgasm.

King Nasir informs Shugatiti, "I don't want to date you."
King Nasir informs Shugatiti, “I don’t want to date you.”

Both parties’ sexual relationship has generated a lot of social commentary in tabloids.

Shugatiti recently asked her followers to choose between King Nazir and Gambo in a tweet.

“Ohk let’s settle this @gambo_ii or @KingNasirXXX”

In response to this tweet, King Nazir clarified that he is not seeking a relationship with the recipient but rather wants to demonstrate his orgasmic prowess.

“Nothing needs to be resolved; he can have you.

Don’t ask me out on a date.

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