JODHA AKBAR Episode 109–110 Update on Monday 1st April 2017

Scene 4
jalal comes to ruks and says i got solution, you will address people and they will get emotional then we will do what we want. Ruks ask why dont you address them, jalal says their cherished queen will address them. Ruks is confused.

Scene 5
jalal ask adka to inform people that ruks want to address. He thinks that i have to see whether jodha’s idea will work.
News of ruks addressing spread like wildfire.
Jodha and ruks meets. Jodha smiles. Ruks says you are happy seeing me like this.ruks says to jodha that my relation is at stake because of you, i will give you much more pain then you have given me. she leaves.

Ruks comes to nation and address that i am thankful that you loved me. I always thought of of your welfare. Some traditions are hurdles in process of success of nation and one is early marriages of girls. Thats why jalal has made this rule so that you people will understand your girls then marry them but adham pointed finger at our marriage that it was done in our childhood so to set example jalal will give me divorce tomorrow. People chants against adham. Ruks thanks them for their love. People becomes raged and shouts adham murdabad. the entire nation starts revolting against adham that he was a traitor for separating their fav begum from their shehenshah
Scene 6
In his room Adham is furious that the people is against him and revolting against him .. There is shouts Adham murdabaad … maham tries her best to stop him .. But he refuses as he is not a coward he could face any crowd .. Maham then gives him her swear and hides him warns him not to come out .. As the entire nation is turned against him n is demanding his blood .. They want adham to be handed over to them

Adka khan is preparing for the security of the fort
Citizens talk that they were very happy with their wives why should they divorce their wives because of adham

Scene 7
Maham gets hit by a stone that the people throws at the palacedemanding adham, inside Hameeda tells jalal that his rule had created rage in the people .. This is not right … Jalal is angry to watch his badi ami hit by angry people , He wants to speak to nation .. Hameeda warns him against it and does not permit him …. Adressing the people during this revolt.

Precap- In court jalal is informing adham that he had decided to hand him over to the nation . Who would decide what to do with him …

Scene 1
jodha comes to ruks and says that jalal has gone out to address nation which is in rage, they have hit maham also, ruks says so what she is paying for her son’s deeds. Jodha says jalal is angry things are getting out of hand, ruks says he is trying to save our marriage, why are you so worried. Jodha ask her to understand the matter but ruks that you want jalal to divorce. Jodha says people are angry, ruks says that only jalal can control and people dont have guts to hit jalal.

Scene 2
jalal is taking maham to people, jodha says first give her aid. Jalal says she is strong enough and leaves. Jodha prays
jalal comes out of palace to people and shout who threw stone at my bari ami. Throwing stone at chief minister is like throwing it at shehenshah. If you want beat me. Whats her fault that she is mother of adham, she is also my mother so hit me. One man says we need adham to be here. Maham says if they want me in place of adham then i am ready. Jalal says no its not right.

People chants to give adham to them. Atga stops them and says you all know that jalal always thought best for you, gave you justice and trust me he do the same this time also. One man says i am on edge of dying and asked to divorce my wife, what justice is this. Other says we will leave mughal sulatnat. Jalal says laws are for everyone thats why i am divorcing rukaiya even with the fact that i like her so you also need to follow this law. One Man says dont divorce ruks, change this rule, we will leave after it. Jalal says i’ve listened your demand but by doing this nothing will be sorted so give your shehenshah sometime, i will discuss with ministers till then you all should maintain peace. Jalal leaves but people still demand for adham.

Scene 3
adham is sneaking out of palace, soldier says tasnim’s house is near you can take her but informs him its not safe for him to go because people are very angry and its can be very dangerous for you he screams saying he is not scared of nation , he was about to go out but maham stops him and tells him not to go out he is still adamant to go out she takes him out and shows how angry people are so he is not going out .

Scene 4
atga comes to jalal who says that i dont want people to stay outside in cold weather so bring urgent call in court.
Jalal is present in court, adham comes. Jalal says i thought alot about you, you hurt ruks he had decided to hand him over to the nation . Who would decide what to do with him.

Maham says no, she sits on ground and says pardon him he is my child, jalal says thats why i always pardoned him but he insulted me in full court, called my marriage ilegel, i cant forgive him now. Maham says you are right but please pardon him, all are stunned to see this of maham. Maham says kill him with your hands but dont leave him on people they will disrespect him. Jalal says he himself has chosen this. Maham says he never wanted all this, he never wanted your-ruks divorce. She ask adham to speak but he is silent. Maham says speak up, he says i never wanted your divorce, i only wanted to marry tasnim but why this disrespect for me? Jalal says because you insulted rules, if i wish i would have behead you but i want to set example that who ever goes against shehenshah, his end will be like this.

Your arrogance is crushed today. I am forgiving you once again because of maham but your punishment will be decided by ruks only. She goes to jalal and says you are my husband, friend and king also so i accept whatever punishment you will give him. She sits with jalal who announce that he is taking back ministry of malwa from adham, he will not be allowed in special court, your all powers have been snatched and you will be considered as a common man. He orders atga to take adham in custody. Soldiers arrest him and takes him away. While maham looks helplessly.

Scene 5
jalal comes out again at gate of palace and addresses people that i dont want people to sit here hungry so i have taken decision. They chant for jalal. Atga reads new law that from today early marriages will not be allowed in sulatnat, but this law will be applied from today and not related with earlier marriages so jalal is not divorcing ruks. Nations is happy and cheers for jalal and ruks. They ask what about adham, jalal says he has got his punishment. He is not minister anymore, he has been arrested and will not be allowed in court. Jalal says this rule has been made for people’s betterment. He leaves. People are satisfied and leaves.

Scene 6
Maham is with Reshem she asks him how long it take to make one official order she says more than a day ..Maham realizes that this was all planned as atga had official written order when he told people ..She says all were involved Ruqs , Jodha and Jalal they have decided before and played this game ..Maham is very angry on Jodha and says why i feel all this could happened because of her …
Precap: Ruqs is with Jodha and tells her Jalal told her it was becuase of her effort and Idea their divorce did not happen .. She says after this my opinion has changed about you , She gives her a gift for saving her marriage ..Jodha is smiling and accepts the gift

Scene 1
jodha is praying to kanha, Along with all bandies and hameeda bano too, After puja jo is surprised to see Ammi jaan she offers her prasad .. Hamida thanks Jodha for her efforts in changing law .. Jodha passes all the credits to shehenshah ..that he did it for all the nation and That she has started believing him n trusting him, Hamida is happy jalal too is trusting her and she hopes their differences would disappear all together.

jalal is sitting when jodha comes from behind. He says i was waiting for you because of adham i didnt rest so i want you to massage my head. Jodha reluctantly start doing it. Jalal ask your hands feels soft today rukaiya. Jodha stops, jalal looks up and says sorry i thought its ruks but your hands are soft. Jodha start doing massage, jalal says i think you dont know how to massage, jodha says you are at wrong place and ask him to sit on small stool, she sits on bed and does his massage. Jalal says you are multi talented, once someone challenges you, you just prove him wrong. Ruks comes and says maybe i disturbed you both. Jalal says she came here to talk. Jodha says its not important i will talk later and thinks maybe ruks didnt like us together. She goes

jalal says when she came, my eyes were closed and i thought it were you, ruks says strange you used recognize my presence, she is the one who tried to get us divorced. jalal says you should be thankful to her then hate, she is the one because of whom we didnt get divorced. He says idea was her. Ruks remember addressing people. Ruks says oh god i told her so many things, i was wrong. Jalal says i also misunderstood her, if you think she is good then talk to her.

maham comes in jail and ask soldier to beat adham, soldier compiles, maham says if he ask who ordered it so tell my name, resham ask what you did he is your son. Maham says make sure they hurt adham regularly. Maham says because of this nobody else will order to beat him and this is the way for jodha’s destruction also.

Scene 4
ruks comes to jodha. They greet each other. Jodha says i know you are angry with me. Ruks says i am not, i misunderstood you, i thought you were using adham to separate me from jalal but jalal told me everything. she tells her Jalal told her it was because of her effort and Idea their divorce did not happen .. She says after this my opinion has changed about you , She gives her a gift for saving her marriage ..Jodha is smiling and accepts the gift.. Jodha says i am happy everything is clear. Ruks ask her to open the box, she opens it and it is beautiful diamond. Ruks says i hope you like it, jodha says you gifted with love so i always like it. Ruks is about to leave jodha stops her and says like you have sacred threads in mazars. We also have threads, can i tie it on your wrist. Ruks allows. Jodha shed tear, ruks ask reason. Jodha says tears falls in happiness also. Today you talked with me very nicely. Ruks says who thing for my own, i talk nicly with them always.

some painter draws painting of jodha, sharif comes and says beautiful, you have done wonderful job. He says to extend hand for gift. Painter does so, sharif cuts his fingers and says it is for the thing that you never paint it again. Sharif says jalal snatched everything from me. Abul mali is also against jalal so enemy’s enemy is a friend. Here jalal gets to know from atga khan that abul mali and sharif have shook hands against him and are preparing to attack. Jalal says to order munim khan to attack them and have a battle.

Voicover- munim did war with mali and sharif and won it for jalal, mali ran away but sharif is caught by munim.

Scene 6
in court, atga present sharif uddin, he comes in and looks at jodha. Jalal ask why did you played such cheap game with me and jodha ? And involved bakshi also. Sharif says because i hate rajvanshi, i hated them when you got married to her but didnt said anything then. But i can accept her as a queen. Jalal says its only me who decide who should be my queen, i punished you by snatching your ministry but for betrayal you are sentenced to live in jail. And will be given punishments of betrayer. They take him away. Jalal praises munim and gives him position that he will control forces from onwards. Jalal makes him wear turban. Maham imagines adham in munim but gets sad seeing munim instead.

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