I still have the nude pictures you had me take of you – MzBel

Mzbel has gone into detail concerning what Mrs. Awo Zutah told her about Josh Laryea – She’s alleged that she still has nude photos of Mrs. Zutah – She says Mrs. Awo Zutah asked her to take said nude photos of her Controversial Ghanaian singer MzBel, born Nana Akua Amoah, has made yet another revelation in the scandalous affair concerning disgraced Christian Pastor, Josh Laryea. Only this time, it’s concerning the popular gospel musician Eugene Zutah’s wife, Mrs. Awo Zutah.
In a recent interview granted to Peace FM’s Kwasi Boakye, Mzbel alleged that Mrs Awo Zutah, wife of gospel musician Eugene Zutah, was the cause behind the “defrocking” of Christian pastor Josh Laryea. The popular songstress alleged that Mrs. Zutah revealed to her how she truly felt about Pastor Josh Laryea, and that these feelings were “not pleasing to the ear”. “Awo Zutah told me something about how she feels about Pastor Josh Laryea and what she said was not pleasing to the ear. She is a married woman. I didn’t like it so I reported it to her husband. The next minute they ganged up against me and kicked me out of the church.” she said during the interview.
Now in her most recent post concerning the matter on her Facebook page, Mzbel has gone into a little more detail concerning exactly what it is that Mrs. Awo Zutah revealed that so displeased her. The controversial songstress has alleged that Mrs. Zutah felt good when the disgraced Pastor hugged or touched her. She further stated that she still had nude photos Mrs. Zutah had her [Mzbel] take of Mrs. Zutah.
I still have the nude pictures you had me take of you - MzBel
It will be recalled that when rumors of Pastor Josh Laryea’s alleged suspension from the pulpit hit the public domain Mzbel took to her Facebook page and claimed vindication, saying “Eugene Zutah and Edem Asamany, u guys owe me an apology!”.

Later more rumors surfaced alleging the reason for Pastor Laryea’s dishonorable “benching” was due to indecent relations with the controversial songstress, rumors that Mzbel subsequently debunked.



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