Gangaa Episode 57–58 Update on Monday 19th February 2018

Gangaa takes care of Sagar, who is busy practicing for his play. Next day, Sagar reaches for the play’s audition but forgets the crown that Gangaa had prepared for him. Meanwhile, Gangaa too realizes that Sagar has forgotten his crown and decides to run to the school to handover the crown to Sagar. Upon reaching the gates of the school, Gangaa is not permitted by the guard to cross the gates, but manages to jump the walls. She manages to reach Sagar on time. Meanwhile, Omkar and Ammaji are busy shopping for Babli’s upcoming wedding. Omkar tries to misbehave with one of the saleswoman and this upsets the lady. Sagar later reaches home and Gangaa rejoices when she learns that Sagar has bagged the lead role in the play. Sagar gives credit to Ganga which irks Amma ji and Omkar. Amma ji sends Ganga away to make the garland for evening puja. Omkar indirectly tells Sagar that the teachers would have actually chosen him for his talentand not this crown or sword (made by Ganga). Sagar gets thinking. He nods. Omkar tells him not to give credit for his excellence to someone else. You got this role as you are capable of doing it brilliantly. Amma ji takes him to get Lord’s blessings. Ganga is making garland in the room. Amma ji and Sagar pray after which she gives him Prasad. He asks her to come to see his play. Sagar got five passes so everyone can come. Amma ji agrees. Ganga thinks that she will be the fifth person for sure. Sagar is my friend after all which is why he requested his teacher for the 5th ticket. Meanwhile, Babli starts to blurt out the truth about her evil father to Madhvi. Papa had lied to you. Prabha drinks sherbet. She asks about Madhvi. Maharaj ji tells her that she is in her room with Babli. Omkar gets alert after hearing this. Is Niranjan there too? Maharaj ji declines. He will come at his usual time (after 4 pm). Omkar recalls Madhvi lying to him that Niranjan will be coming home early today.

Prabha drinks sherbet. She asks about Madhvi. Maharaj ji tells her that she is in her room with Babli. Omkar gets alert after hearing this. Is Niranjan there too? Maharaj ji declines. He will come at his usual time (after 4 pm). Omkar recalls Madhvi lying to him that Niranjan will be coming home early today. He immediately heads upstairs.
Drishti tells Madhvi that her father is faking it that he had taken very good care of Ma and how sad he is after her death. He is a liar. His business was finished. He has cheated a lot many people. He has taken loan from them and has never paid them back. When Ma tried to say something to him then he blamed her for his downfall. Bau ji used to beat Ma a lot. Ma never told anything to anyone, not even me. I know as I too was in the same house. I know Ma would not have died so early but Bau ji and his awful behaviour dint let her live. Omkar is still on his way. Bau ji has come here to save himself from the people from whom he had taken loan. No guy in Gazipur would have agreed to marry me because of him. This is why we had to come to Banaras. We are not at all well off. We are in lots of trouble. Madhvi comforts her. Everything will be fine now as you are here. Omkar is just outside the room when he hears someone shouting.
Some goons enter inside the house and start hitting / breaking stuff.

Omkar hides after seeing them. They ask for Omkar (not directly). Where is that fugitive from Gazipur? Omkar hides in a far corner. Everyone is scared. Maharaj ji politely replies that they are mistaken. They push Maharaj ji after threatening him not to lie to them. Amma ji comes to see who is making so much noise in the house. The goons tell her that they are looking for a thief. He is very smart. babli feels that they maybe those from whom her father has taken loan. The goons also take Omkar’s name. He has taken lacs from our boss. Tell us where he is. They begin to go upstairs to check in every room when Niranjan enters. He stops them from going anywhere. Niranjan calls Inspector but one of the goon breaks his phone. Ganga runs back to Amma ji’s room. She sits down in a corner scared. Niranjan questions them again. The goons ask for their culprit Omkar. You may be innocent / decent people but he is not. he is a thief. Niranjan and Raghav stop them again from going upstairs. Omkar ties a rope on the terrace and climbs down the wall. From her room, Ganga notices him escaping.

The goons identify Babli. Madhvi sends her inside to hide. Amma ji interrupts them so they back off as she is old. Tell that cheater to return our boss’s money by tomorrow or we wont spare him then. They leave. Prabha wonders where Omkar ji is. So much happened and he is nowhere to be seen! Omkar heaves a sigh of relief to see them go.
An FIR will be registered by tomorrow. Niranjan is thinking about the goons’ words. Amma ji is sure her SIL cannot do anything wrong. Omkar returns home. He acts normal. What happened? They tell him about the incident. Omkar acts all innocent. I haven’t owe money to anyone. Prabha asks him where he was. We all had come together. you had gone upstairs. When did you go out of the house? He lies that he left right away to bring sweets for everyone. Prabha replies that no one saw him going on. Omkar lies that I went from the other door. Ganga declines. Amma ji’s SIL had jumped off from the terrace. Everyone is taken aback. I was in Amma ji’s room when the goons had come. I saw him from the window. He even had a fall. There is dust on his clothes too. They all notice Omkar’s clothes. Omkar eyes Ganga angrily. Why would I do so? Ganga sticks to her point. Amma ji shushes her. She takes Omkar’s side. Omkar tells her to calm down. He holds Ganga’s shoulder. You must be mistaken. It must be some bad dream. She repeats that she wasn’t dreaming. The dirt on your clothes point out at the same. he shows the dirt on her saree. Did you also jump off from some place? Ganga recalls that she had jumped off from the boundary of Sagar’s school to go inside. I am not lying. You also know it. You are lying. Amma ji shouts out her name loudly. Omkar calls her a little girl. the incident has affected her mind. She is knitting a story. Amma ji cannot take it if anyone says anything wrong about him. you are right. She sends Ganga inside. Sagar too tells her to go. ganag runs away from there. Niranjan is in thoughts. Amma ji tells Omkar to face the goons himself tomorrow. tell them the truth and the matter will be over. He nods. He lowers his gaze when Niranjan stares at him a little angrily. Niranjan heads to his study room.
In his study, Niranjan thinks of all the incidents.
Madhvi wants to bring out Omkar’s truth. Why did you stop me from speaking? Babli says Bau ji will understand then that I have told you everything. He used to hide in a similar manner back in Gazipur. Ganga is right. She must have seen him. Please don’t tell anything to Mama ji or Bau ji will kill me. you don’t know his anger. He can do anything when he gets angry.
Omkar thinks of Ganga’s words. He is seething in anger. Prabha brings sweets for him. She also instigates him against Ganga. You should have taken Niranjan upstairs. You should have told him that no one can jump off from here without the help of a rope. Omkar realises that he left the rope hanging there. She leaves for home.
Omkar runs upstairs. Niranjan is already there though. He is holding the rope in his hands. Omkar is stunned / scared. Niranjan looks at him angrily. He holds out the rope before Omkar.

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