Do Not Love Me So Much Episode 121–122 Update on Thursday 4th May 2017

The to episode starts with Neil driving bus and rushing to farm house leaving goons behind.. Aman praises Neil that he drives really well. Neil asks Karan to inform police and he does. Goons reach there and Neil warns them not to do anything as he has informed police already and police will arrest them.

Goons say they are from nearby village and were trying to stop bus as a goon with gun sat in their deckie. Neil checks deckie and does not find goon. Sunny searches badi naani’s jewelry box and does not find it. Goon comes from lugguage compartment with gun and badi naani’s box and says he got what he needed and if they try to catch him, he will shoot them. Neil catches goon from behind and beats him. Karan catches goon. Police come on time and arrest goon.

Sunny panics seeing badi naani holding gun and points everyone. Baadi naani says she will shoot chamanlal/Aman for stealing her jewelry box. He says he did not. Nani says then phoolmati/Sunny must have stolen it. Sunny shows jewerly boxes and says they are fine. Naani calms down. Everyone then get into farm house and Aman distributes everyone’s room. he asks Sunny to sleep in naani’s room and she insists a separate room.

Ranbir calls Suhani and says they are going to US back tonight. She says they cannot as they are in Karan’s karjat farm house. He says he will go then alone.

Nishi nurses Neil’s wound. He panics and resists. Ragini comes there and takes over. Neil reminisces their younger days when she removes glass strand from his hand and bandages it. He gets malvika’s call and she asks him to continue with the call and leaves.

Nishi insists Suhani to tell about her boyfriend. She says she will let him meet once he comes here. They hear a sound and gets afraid. Ranbir enters from window and tells Suhani that he came to pick his passport. Suhani asks him to meet mom once. He asks will mom meet him. Just then, Ragini enters hearing sound and gets irked seeing Ranbir. She reminisces Arav’s jail term because of Ranbir and angrily walks out.

Ragini goes out fuming and asks Neil why did he call even Ranbir here. He says he did not. She continues shouting that Arav is in jail because of Ranbir. He says he is in jail because of her as she insisted to punish Arav for his mistake. She says he really did a mistake. Neil says he told her that he will sort out things, but she was adamant and sacrificed Arav for her rules. He continues that sometimes one has to think from heart also instead of brain and says she should stop forcing her decisions on others as everyone have their own individual lives. She angrily walks from there.

Neil calls children and asks Agam and Suhani why did not they inform that Ranbir came with them. Ranbir also asks them why did not they inform dad is here as he has to sign important documentsin US. Agam handles situation by tell all is well that ends well.

Ragini tells Aman that everyone blames her that she forces her decisions and rules on everyone, but she is like that. Aman to cheer her up invites her for dinner and takes her to restaurant. They reach restaurant, and Ragini reminisces Neil bringing her to this restaurant and their romance. Manager meets and reminds her that she came with Neil 15-16 years ago and praises Neil’s livelynature. She says she is not with Neil now and points at Aman. He greets him and says he will give 1 day stay and food free for Ragini. Ragini says she came here for coffee. He asks to enjoy coffee and leaves.

The episode starts with Ragini crying reminiscing Neil’s words that she pushed her children into hell because of her selfish rules and got away from them. She washes her face in hotel washroom. Vidya comes there and asks if she is okay. Ragini says she is fine. Vidya says she looks tensed and should sometimes speak her heart to even unknown people. Ragini says sometimes we love a person so much, but we separate. We meet again, but separate again.

We walk someone else but cannot forget our love. Vidya says it happens because of the relationship of feelings and we cannot get away from it. She indirectly promotes her movie with its story and says one cannot get away from past. Ragini says she wants to. Vidya suggests to stop peeping into past and move on in life. She suggests her to out as her future is waiting for her. Ragini thanks her changing her vision and making her realize that she can live without reminiscing her past. Vidya wishes her to take care and Ragini leaves.

Aman who is waiting outside washroom asks Ragini if she is alright and if she is tensed hearing manager’s words. She is not and has learnt to move on in life. He says he is surprised. She says she met an unknown woman who encouraged her. He asks what about their story. She says their story will reach its destination for sure and leaves with him. Vidya sees that and thinks a new story is being born now, but old story is getting incomplete, it is same as her film’s incomplete story/hamari adhuri kahani.

Ragini reaches back Karan’s farmhouse and children ask where was she. She says nothing and asks them to go and sleep. In the morning, Agam and Nishi comes and ask what did she prepare for breakfast. Suhani comes with Ranbir and says he was going out for breakfast, but she stopped him saying mom prepares excellent breakfast. Agam asks where was she last night. She says she went to a restaurant with Aman. Ranbir asks if there is a restaurant nearby. Suhani says she hears it is awsome.

 They start discussing about work and suhani says they have come on picnic and should distributework. Nishi says it is a good idea and says even dad has to cook then. Ragini says he cannot. Agam says he tried cooking twice, once oven burst and next salad met with tragedy. Neil says oven had technical issue and salad was good.

Karan and dimpy take everyone out to garden and says it is a surprise for them. Agam asks what is there in it. He says he has arranged rain dance with DJ DJ. Agam asks what DJ DJ. Karan says DJ Dhananjay. They all start dancing happily except Neil, Ragini and badi naani. Dimpy comes and asks Neil to join. Ragini taunts that some people take bath in the morning and don’t want to get wet again.
She asks Ragini to join then. Neil taunts to check chlorine level as some people are very toxic, pointing at Ragini. Badi naani says he is right. Ragini says she changed because of company. Neil taunts that Naani became good in his company. Dimpy gets irked with their fight and goes joins back rain party. Ranbir changes music track and asks Karan to dance. Karan dances with towel and everyone laugh.

Suhani panics seeing her tanned skin. Nishi gives her home remedy and says she heard US people like skin tanning, then why she is afraid. Agam enters and says she is tensed regarding something else and asks her to hold his hand. He then says she is worried thinking how Ragini will react seeing Karthik. Suhani says she was thinking same and says he has become PK. Ranbir asks who is PK. She asks if he did not see PK movie. He says no. She promotes PK’s 21st June promo on Sony TV and asks him to watch it.

Ragini sees Aman bringing vegetables and says he does not have to bring them. He says in RK’s absence he has to and says vegetables are really fresh, just like out of plants. She asks if he needs tea or cool drinks. Neil comes there, and Aman seeing him says cool drinks as he needs to keep his mind cool. Neil says he has guest coming. Aman blubbers rubbish nervously that he likes meeting people, etc. Neil asks him to think well before speaking to guest and leaves.
Precap: Ragini panics hearing Suhani’s boyfriend Karthik is coming. Neil says Suhani is 18 years old now and he supports her as a father and will not force his decisions on her.


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