Comprehensive list of all the companies owned by Ibrahim Mahama

Ibrahim Mahama has just been ordered by EOCO to pay an amount of $12.7million for sending dud cheques .

But as per the number of companies and businesses the tycoon owns we at believe that this payment will just be chicken change for him.

Here are all the companies owned by Ghana’s second richest man and brother of former president John Dramani Mahama.

1. Engineers and Planners

Engineers and Planners is the flagship business of Ibrahim Mahama and also the one which landed him in his recent trouble.

Ibrahim’s company was the preferred contractor for the erstwhile NDC government, winning many national contracts and racking in some major dollars.

The company, which has been in existence for about 20 years, has interests in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Congo Brazzaville.

2. Arcelor Mittal 
Sierra Leone and Liberia Ibrahim Mahama works with worldwide steel giant Arcelor Mittal own by one of the richest men in the world Lashkmi Mittal. Together with Engineers and Planners, Arcelor Mittal has embarked on many development projects in Sierra Leone and Liberia which are supervised by Ibrahim himself and adds to his stockpile of cash.

3. Asutsuare Poultry Farm Ibrahim 

Mahama is not only into construction but also has interests in farming. He owns one of the biggest poultry farms in Ghana, Asutsuare Poultry Farms which produces about 150,000 eggs a day and 10,000 live chicks.

4. MBG Ltd. 

MBG Ltd. is located in Tema, Ghana deals in the sale and rental of heavy duty vehicles and spare parts and has the following in the garage. 20 dump trucks @ US$2.5 million each 5 excavators @ US$5 million each 70 small dump trucks @ US$650,000 each 40 bulldozers @ US$1.3 million each 120 tipper trucks @ US$200,000 each

5. Real Estate Company

The real estate industry is booming in Ghana lately and Mr Mahama has a stake in it. He owns one of the biggest real estate Companies in the country which builds luxury apartments and houses for high end Ghanaians.


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