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‘We need the Vice President to become a Cedi-lante’ – Kwakye Ofosu ‘taunts’ Bawumia

Former Deputy Information Minister, Felix Kwakye Ofosu has mocked Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia over his government’s struggles in finding a lasting solution to the depreciation of the Ghana Cedi.

Felix Kwakye Ofosu in a Facebook post taunted Dr. Bawumia and advised him to become a “Cedi-lante”.

He was reacting to the Vice President’s advice against vigilantism when he addressed residents of Zongo communities during the 51st-anniversary celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad in Kumasi yesterday.

Dr. Bawumia called on the Ghanaian youth, particularly those in the Zongos to avoid being used by politicians for violent activities.

He advised them to be more concerned about pressing needs such as jobs, education, and business development.

He said, instead of being dragged into joining vigilante groups, they should rather form “job-lantes, edu-lantes and busi-lantes” to promote their welfare and the development of the nation.

“No political party can be excused from the rise in political vigilantism. We will equally blame NPP, NDC and all political parties are equally to be blamed. Unfortunately, this does not help us as a zongo and Muslim community- what concerns us as a people should be our education, getting jobs and being able to grow our business. When the politicians come, let’s ask them about their message,” Dr. Bawumia said.

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He stressed that “we don’t want to hear about come and help us fight. We want to hear about jobs, education and business. What we want them to do is to form ‘joblantes’, not vigilantes. Let them give you jobs, let’s form ‘education-lantes’ to get an education and let’s form ‘busilantes’ to get growth in our businesses. That is what we want any politician to give our people.”

“Allah has blessed the Zongo youth with multiple positive attributes and talents such as strength, courage, knowledge, sports skill, entrepreneurship, vocational skill, etc. and I want to urge the youth of this country, particularly my dear brothers in the Zongo Communities to put their God-given talents to good use for their own benefits and for the benefit of their respective families, communities as well as the nation. The youth of our country, particularly my brothers from the Zongo Communities, should not, under any circumstance, avail themselves to be used for any illegal activity, which also poses great risks to their valuable and cherished lives,” he cautioned.

But responding to the Vice President’s comments, the former Deputy Minister of Information said, it is high time the country gets a “Cedi-lante”.

He posted a link of Dr. Bawumia’s story on his Facebook wall captioned, “I would argue at this point, that we urgently need the Vice President to become a Cedi-lante.”

Source: awakenewsonline.com

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