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WATCH VIDEO : Shatta Wale’s craziest publicity stunts

• The Dancehall artiste has been touted as the ‘King of publicity’ in Ghana

 Shatta Wale has been noted for indulging in crazy acts just for public attention

• He mostly pulls off such stunts to gain public attention or promote his works

With the help of social media, Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has gone viral after performing some ridiculously insane stunts that are seemingly hard to believe.

Although there is a wide perception that publicity stunts are an essential part of being a successful musician, Shatta Wale knows how to do it better among his peers.

He generates all the buzz and gathers all attention for himself once he sets his mind to it.

Notwithstanding let’s take a look at the top craziest stunts Shatta Wale pulled off on social media:

Shatta Wale goes ‘pantless’ after he was accused of wearing ‘fake’ jeans

After Shatta Wale was ‘dragged’ on social media on June 21, 2021, for allegedly wearing fake designer denim jeans, he decided to completely take off his ‘fake’ trousers to prove a point.

The dancehall artiste was seen rocking a pair of DSQUARED2 jeans but taking a closer look at the pair of trousers, the tag revealed that it was fake and doesn’t come close to the original DSQUARED2 brand.

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The original brand is spelt “DSQUARED2” but Shatta Wale’s ‘fake version’ was spelt “DSQUARED²”.

But in reaction to the criticisms, Shatta posted a photo of himself without the ‘fake’ jeans while wearing only a T-shirt on social media.
According to him, since he was trolled for wearing fake jeans, he decided to go without trousers to avoid any of such criticisms henceforth.

Shatta Wale shows off buttocks while performing on stage in Germany

It can be recalled that the dancehall artiste was captured sometime in 2018 revealing his buttocks to the crowd while performing on stage in Dusseldorf (Germany).

In a video that went viral, Shatta Wale during his performance at Dusseldorf pulled down his jeans and his white boxer shorts which he also pulled aside to expose his buttocks.

Shatta’s hair bonnet and facial videos

In a video that went viral on the internet sometime in December 2020, Shatta Wale was captured wearing ladies’ hair bonnets and applying facial cream while addressing topical issues in this country in a hilarious manner.

His gestures while addressing the public in a Facebook live cracked fans up and as such snippets of the full video went viral and some were even developed into memes.

Shatta Wale fires gunshots for no reason

One can recall that in 2017, the Shatta Movement boss was seen in a viral video, firing warning shots into the skies for no particular reason.

Although he appeared to be catching some fun as he was captured singing and firing the shots at the same time, Ghanaians on social media were not enthused by his actions and as such, they duly registered their displeasure.

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