Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1015 Update on Wednesday 7th March 2018

In the room, Purab compliments Disha for always being with him and fulfil his expectations. Disha notices it was his birthday as the clock had struck 12. She wish him Purab as the first once, and promises to get a gift for him. He demands a gift right away, and says she can give him what he wants; then moves his cheek closer. Disha kisses him, they share a hug.
A nurse stops Aaliya and Tannu and asks where they are taking the patient from back door. Aaliya says Dr. Mishra told them to take critical patients out from back door. The nurse moves ahead. Tannu appreciate’s Aaliya’s present mindedness.

Abhi watches Pragya sleeping on the couch and wonders how he will spend this night. He kiss her bare back, then hurries to bed posing as if asleep. Pragya wakes up of the sensation, and

smiles watching Abhi. Abhi was restlessly waiting for Purab’s birthday where he will share her truth with everyone and she will confess her truth.
Tannu complements Aaliya’s planning for keeping Munni at Nikhil’s place and as soon as she is fine, they will replace her with the real Pragya. Aaliya says they need to arrange another doctor who doesn’t follow the rules and intends to improve his life style. He can then take care of this Munni.
Pragya was in the kitchen and wonders why doesn’t Abhi insist on her to accept she is Pragya. Disha comes to prepare the tea for Purab. Pragya decides to ask Disha about the table event. Disha was nervous about replying. Pragya stops her from pouring some more tea, and tells Disha to confess she won’t tell her; as Disha can’t lie to her. Disha turns to leave the kitchen, but Pragya pours the tea for Purab. Disha finally shares with Pragya that she and Abhi planned and Abhi was only trying to find a birth mark of hers. She tells Pragya to tell Abhi that she is the real Pragya. Disha suggests that today is a special day, she must tell Abhi that she is the real Pragya. She shouldn’t share with Abhi that she told her everything. Pragya was worried and thinks she can’t share the truth with Abhi right now, the one who intends to kill Abhi is very close to them still. She hits Simonika in the way. Simonika notices her worry. Pragya shares that someone wish to kill Abhi, but why would one. Simonika says may be Abhi has hurt someone for his own advantage. Pragya was determined to unveil the one behind this all. Simonika thinks she stands in front of her without a veil. She tells Pragya that its Purab’s birthday, she was called as there is an important announcement to be made today. Abhi calls Simonika. Pragya wonders if he is going to tell everyone that she is Pragya.
Abhi comes to Purab in the room and asks how Pragya would feel if something happens to him. Purab says she will turn the world around. Abhi says he wants to make Pragya cry and make her confess that she is the real Pragya. Purab says they will have to hurt Abhi then. Abhi says they can fake a man stab him with a fake stabber. Pragya must get emotional and crazy, and will pour about herself out. They cheer, but Disha had dropped a glass at the door, fuming. Abhi asks if she heard everything. She replies positively. Abhi drags her inside. Disha was worried about Abhi hurting himself and wonders how much Pragya will have to suffer. She wasn’t ready to let this all happen. Abhi and Purab requests and makes her up. Abhi hugs Purab excited for Pragya to accept.
Pragya walks across the corridor lost in her thoughts and comes across Tannu. Tannu says soon Pragya will fall from a height and will shatter, she will soon reap what she has sown. They have made the preparations about it. Pragya thinks she must find out what Aaliya and Tannu are upto, and promises someone to be there soon. Pragya plans to follow her.

PRECAP: Abhi finds Pragya speaking on phone that she can place a Bindi on her forehead just like Pragya. That Abhishek Mehra thinks she is Pragya, and until Pragya returns she will stay here as Pragya. Abhishek furiously approaches her.

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