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VIDEO : Wendy Shay clarifies her comment about Nigerian artistes dating Ghanaian celebrities

Singer, Wendy Shay, has made some clarifications which she claims is what she really meant when she said that underground Nigerian artistes easily get to date top Ghanaian female celebrities.

In an interview barely a week ago on an Accra-based radio station, Wendy vividly said, “You will see these underground acts come around and before you’ll see, he is dating one of our top stars then we give him hype. It is my personal observation and it worries me as a girl and as a female in the industry. It is painful that top top stars, not just musicians but all these stars, before you see it some Nigerian underground is dating her.”

However, she told Kojo Manuel on the ‘Audiomack hour’ on Y107.9FM’s ‘Dryve of Your Lyfe’ that she has not exactly seen any female Ghanaian artiste being ‘moved’ by any underground artiste, and that she was only trying to promote ‘Ghana goods’ with that comment.

“I’m not against love or whoever you choose to give yourself to. It is your problem and I don’t have any problem with that. I was only trying to promote Ghana goods. I was just saying that we Ghanaians love to support or accept foreigners more than ourselves and I was trying to say that it goes to the extent of even in our dating system,” she said.

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Wendy continued, “You’ll see that a top artiste or top celebrity here in Ghana will be wanting a female here and she won’t give him any chance but if an artiste who is not even big in his country- it might not even be Nigeria- comes to her, that person will get the chance to be with the Ghanaian top artiste.

According to her, she is only implying that Ghanaians should generally love their own, however, if someone chooses to love a foreigner who is not even up to their level, there is nothing she can do about it, obviously.

Source: etvghana.com

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