VIDEO: Give Ebony’s corpse to the prophetess for resurrection trial – Ghanaians plead with Ebony’s family

For a decade now, the demise of Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng better known as Ebony Reigns is arguably the most fascinating of all that affected Ghanaians most.

Taking into consideration the bunch of controversies that characterized her carefree showbiz lifestyle, age and exceptional music talent.

Therefore, when her death went viral on February 8, 2018, most people thought it’s hoax especially Madam Beatrice Oppong, mother of Ebony. But when it turned out to be true per vivid evidence, Madam Beatrice shed uncontrollable tears that God should reverse the calamity because she feels her daughter is just asleep.

If you could remember, in one viral video on the internet, mother of Ebony was heard screaming and pleading with God to give her daughter a miracle, so she could be told that her daughter has risen from the death.

“Dear God, grant me a miracle and let me hear that my daughter has risen from the death. I want to have a convenant with you, I don’t want any pre-mature death in my family anymore. Please, God of TB Joshua, if you can hear me, please, help me, for I am drowning in sorrow”.

Yes!, Ebony is not dead but asleep as one Kumasi-based prophetess named Agyeiwaa Kodee has reasoned with Ebony’s mother and that she can bring back Ebony to life on condition. The condition is that the family has to release the corpse to her for the needed rituals to be performed to bring Ebony back to life by Sunday, February 25, 2018.

The prophetess added that God struck Ebony dead because He wanted to teach her a lesson per what God has revealed to her. In reference to the prophetess’ revelation, most people per their response to a publication on the issue at GHBase.com, have advised that the prophetess should be given a hearing by the family.

It’s in the light of this that most Ghanaians are rallying behind the servant of God that Ebony’s corpse should be given to her by the family. To those who shared their sentiment on the matter, Ebony is ‘dead’ so the family has nothing to lose if the prophetess fails to do the needful. Regardless the God worshipped by prophetess Agyeiwaa Kodee is a God of possibilities.

See how Ghanaians are reacting to the trending issue below:


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