Veera Episode 800–801 Update on Thursday 4th January 2018

The Episode starts with Gunjan apologizing to Baldev and giving him the halwa she made. He says he can’t forgive her, as making a halwa and crying won’t solve the problems. He says all relations got spoiled by her doubt, she should apologize to Ranvi, Deepu and Geet, and Ratan whose fields she gave to Dilawar. She cries. He says Ratan trusted you and she was wrong to think so. Veera hears them. Baldev leaves. Veera asks Gunjan to apologize to Ranvi. Gunjan says he hates me. Veera says no, he just loves you, he is annoyed by whatever happened. She asks Gunjan to get Ranvi back in his old happy form.
Gunjan goes home at night and checks her jewelry. She says she will do anything to get the home back. Its night, Ranvi thanks Balwant for his help and says he can’t take money from him, he will manage. Balwant says I trust you, but it will take time to accumulate the amount. Ranvi says its high amount, I can’t take, sorry. Deepu brings the jewelry boxes. Geet asks her not to play with it. Ranvi says its Gunjan’s jewelry box. Baldev checks it. Deepu says its empty. They all get shocked.
Ranvi goes to his room and comes back, saying the locker is empty, there is nothing. They ask how can this happen. Veera asks Gunjan did she keep jewelry somewhere else. Few men come to talk about the home and Gunjan. They ask what did Gunjan do now. The man says she did a good work, Ratan’s school needed donation, and she gave big amount to school to start the school, the kids can study now by giving less fees, its big thing, we came to tell this to Geet, as Deepu will be first one to study in our school. He says Deepu will get admission there along books and everything. He thanks Gunjan for doing this for the pind and blesses her.
Bansuri says she is happy for Gunjan. Balwant asks how did she get so much money. Veera says jewelry. Gunan says I wanted to do something to meet Ratan’s eyes, I value Ratan’s love, I regret to do mistake. Veera says she did a good work. Geet says Gunjan has done much for Deepu. Gunjan apologizes. Bansuri says Gunjan is not bad at heart. Balwant says he is happy for her work. Veera asks Ranvi to see Gunjan’s gift to Ratan, please forgive her. Ranvi leaves.
Veera says its fine, your work has touched his heart, go and talk to him, tell him you love him and then see how he melts. Gunjan goes to Ranvi.
Gunjan apologizes to Ranvi and tries convincing him. He says if she apologizes, Geet and Deepu will not forget Dilawar’s torture, will we get Ratan’s field back? He goes. Baldev comes to Gunjan and says she did great work, and smiles. He says she is trying to rectify mistake, its biog repentance and he knows he also did many mistakes, he should apologize for saying so much to you, what right I have to be angry on you, when I did many mistakes, by hurting Veera and Ranvi, but Ranvi has forgiven me and will forgive you too. Baldev pacifies Gunjan and goes. Manjeet and Dilawar have a talk about what happened. She says he would have been in profit if he heard her. She asks him to agree to her if he wants to control them, she knows them well. He says they don’t know me, I will ruin them, they won’t have money to have food.
 Episode starts with Balwant pacifying Ranvi and Gunjan.
He says he is always with them. Dilawar comes with panchayat man. The man says Dilawar complained that Ranvi and Gunjan kept Geet here. Veera says its not true, Dilawar has tortured her. He says but Geet did not complain, and asks them to present the matter in panchayat. Ranvi says we can’t send Geet with him. The man says panchayat will decide. Baldev says fine, call the panchayat. The man leaves with Dilawar.
Ranvi asks Baldev whats the need to get panchayat. Baldev says Dilawar can go to police too. Geet says I can’t bear this, Dilawar is bad man, he will defame me, Deepu and I will get punished. She cries. Ranvi asks her not to worry, Deepu and she won’t go to Dilawar. Veera says yes, we all will fight for you. She asks her to be strong and speak the truth infront of panchayat against Dilawar.
Gunjan says we all are with you Geet and apologizes to her. Baldev says we shall leave now. Bansuri asks Baldev not to get in this matter, as Geet has married Dilawar and she should leave. Baldev asks is she joking. Bansuri says explain Dilawar to treat Geet well, why should we worry, she is not related to us, send Geet with Dilawar. Gunjan comes and says you thought right Biji. Bansuri asks her to explain Baldev. Gunjan says I forgot I got selfishness from you, if this happened with me, would you say the same.
Bansuri says I m doing this for you Gunjan. Gunjan says Geet is in this situation because of me. Baldev asks Bansuri to stop it now, and not add poison in Gunjan’s mind. He asks her to let others stay happy. Balwant hears them and says he is proud of his children, he used to wish that his children know right and wrong, I m ashamed of Bansuri, she crossed all limit.
Veera comes and says she won’t let Dilawar win. Ranvi is worried and thinks that Dilawar will fool people, what is his plan? Veera thinks she will prove Dilawar wrong and make Geet away from him. Gunjan sees Ratan’s pic and talks to her. She says she wants Ratan’s help to bring Geet out of this problem. Baldev recalls Ratan’s words. Gunjan recalls Dilawar’s tortures and says she will not let Dilawar win in panchayat tomorrow.
Its morning, the panchayat starts and Baldev tells about Dilawar’s complain. He says Ranvi and Gunjan have saved Geet from Dilawar’s tortures. Veera says Dilawar is a bad man, he has beaten up this wife and scared Deepu, I want panchayat to punish Dilawar. Gunjan says we kept house mortgaged, not sold it, Dilawar came to stay in our house and forced Geet to dance infront of his friends, I have seen it, the panchayat always helped women, if we send Deepu and Geet with Dilawar, whats the guarantee that this won’t happen again.
Dilawar says they are saying true. He asks does any husband not get annoyed with his wife. He starts his drama. Gunjan says you have beaten Geet. Dilawar says I did a mistake, if husband does mistake, can’t I apologize to my wife. Veera asks how many times will he pretend to be apologetic, he can’t respect women. Dilawar accepts his mistake and says Geet can’t stay with Ranvi or Veera. Ranvi says Geet won’t stay happy with you. Dilawar asks will she stay happy where Gunjan doubts on her, and tells panchayat about Gunjan’s doubts. He says Baldev wanted to make Geet leave the house, Baldev came to me to ask me to find some guy for Geet, Gunjan gave me lands to make me marry Geet, I did wrong to doubt on Geet.
Veera says Gunjan regrets to give you the lands. Dilawar asks does she think she will get land back by separating me and Geet. Ranvi asks will anyone ask Geet what she wants. Geet says she does not wish to go with Dilawar. Dilawar says he wants a chance to save his marriage. Manjeet looks on. He says Geet can give me one chance. The panchayat says Dilawar should get a chance. Baldev is against it. The panchayat has mixed opinions. The man says if Dilawar ill treats Geet again, then we will change decision. Ranvi says he won’t let Deepu go anywhere.
Dilawar asks Geet to come. Veera says Geet is hurt, let her rest here. Dilawar insists.

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