Tashan Episode 301–305 Update on Thursday 4th January 2018

Scene 1
Yuvi says to Anita to please stay away from me till i dont get Twinkle back, i will handle everything myself, please dont interfere, Anita puts his glasses back and says as you wish, i miss you, she cries and caresses his face, she asks him to take care, she leaves, Yuvi is sad.

People are talking to Kunj in college. He sees Twinkle working and stares her. Twinkle cheers for guys who is about to show stunt. One guy is about to jump in air but twists his ankle, Kunj says his ankle is twisted, he can perform now. They take him away, one student says his performance with Mala was final for fest too, who will perform now?, Mala says i cant perform with anyone else, she leaves, everyone asks Twinkle to perform as she was Miss Amritsar too, Twinkle says even i cant perform alone, i
need partner, she looks at Kunj but he looks away. One student says i know one guy, people call him Micheal Jackson, he will perform, Twinkle asks if he will come on short notice? Student says let me call him and ask. He calls him. After sometime, Student says see he is here. Its none other than Yuvi dressed as himself not as Jassi.Bodyguard plays, Kunj thinks he must be planning something. Twinkle asks Yuvi where he was? if he is fine? Yuvi says i am fine, i was fulfilling my promise to you. He asks Student who called him about dance, student says Twinkle is your partner, Yuvi says i cant dance with her, its my promise to someone, i cant, Twinkle looks at him, everyone asks Yuvi to perform, he says i cant. Yuvi says no, he starts leaving, Yuvi thinks Twinkle cant say no understanding partner like me, you will call me yourself, call me out Twinkle, stop me, he is leaving, Twinkle is looking at him, he sits down acting like tying his shoe laces. he turns to see Kunj coming to Twinkle and says Twinkle if you dont mind, can i be your partner? Sajna ve plays, Kunj says nothing personal, just for this institute’s respect, Yuvi looks at them, Kunj extends his hand, everyone asks Twinkle to accept, Twinkle holds Kunj’s hand and accepts to dance with him. Yuvi thinks that i cant believe this loser took the chance and won, he got Twinkle without doing anything actually. Twinkle and Yuvi dances on pyar ki yeh Kahani suno plays. They do Salsa dance closely, Yuvi angrily looks at them, Twinkle is about to fall down but Kunj catches her, they share eyelock, Sajna ve plays, confetti falls over them. Twinkle gets up, everyone claps and congratulates them, Twinkle steal glances with Kunj. yuvi thinks that my plan failed but i have Jassi as backup, Twinkle will dance with me only.
Anita comes to her room, she sadly looks at Yuvi’s picture and says you loved Twinkle like crazy, you did so much for her happiness, you changed yourself completely, you spaced yourself from me but still you didnt get Twinkle, i have to help you Yuvi to get Twinkle so that my son gets his love and i get my son back, Twinkle has to become Yuvi’s even if i have to do anything for it.
Pallavi shows Usha pictures of Kunj when he became Rocky. Twinkle comes there and asks Usha how she is? Usha says what you are doing here? Twinkle says i bring medicine for Babee, i used to bring it every month, Usha says why you are showing off? one side you dont want to accept Kunj and otherside you show right on his family? what is the need to leave house and family to go to college? Twinkle says i am not showing off anything, i just brought medicines, Pallavi says i saw prescription and brought medicines myself, no need for you now, Twinkle leaves, Usha says its good you answered her well, Pallavi says i dont understand why she pretends everything.Anita comes there and says Usha..Usha gets angry seeing her, Anita says i know you dont like me but i know you are miffed with Twinkle and i have come to give you idea to get rid of Twinkle.
Leela asks Twinkle why she is upset? Twinkle says i went to Sarna house but Usha maa scolded me, Leela says Usha is blinded by her love for her son, she has forgotten your sacrifice, your love and care, Twinkle says you also think i took wrong decision? Leela says no but you will have to soon take action.
Anita says to Usha that i can give you idea to separate Kunj and Twinkle, Usha says i dont need your ideas, leave,Anita says you will need my help, Twinkle and Kunj are getting really close in college, did Twinkle tell you that Kunj and Twinkle are taking part in college fest together? Usha gets angry listening this, Anita leaves.
Fest starts, everyone praises Twinkle and Kunj for arrangements. Yuvi is dressed as Jassi and thinks that Twinkle is looking so pretty, i cant let Kunj dance with her at any cost. Twinkle is wearing white sleeveless dress. She comes to Jassi, he says you are looking really nice, she smiles. Dance performances start. manager says to Twinkle and Kunj that everyone is waiting for your dance performance. Jassi brings Twinkle aside and says you are sweet, dont you remember what Rocky Sir did in college room that day? still you are dancing with him? Twinkle says i am doing this for college and i can handle him, she leaves. Yuvi thinks that i have to think something. Dance performance ends and Kunj and Twinkle goes back-stage to get ready for their performance, Yuvi goes behind too. He comes to them and says Twinkle my mom says you should eat something sweet before doing any work, he makes her eat sweetdish, Kunj smiles, Yuvi says Rocky Sir you eat too, he offers him but deliberately, puts it on his shirt, he says sorry, my hand shook, i am so sorry, Twinkle says our performance is next, what will happen now? Kunj says i will come after changing soon, he leaves. Yuvi says dont worry, you taught me Salsa, we will dance as partners, Twinkle is tensed.
Twinkle comes on stage, everyone cheers for her.
Pallavi gives money to goon and tells him that light should fall on Twinkle in today’s party, it should look like accident, nobody should doubt, he nods and says your work will be done, he leaves. She says sorry Twinkle, i dont have other option to get rid of your and Kunj’s daily college sessions, you are gone today, she smirks.

Scene 1
Twinkle comes on stage, everyone claps. Light man positions spot light right abocve Twinkle’s head, Yuvi is standing back stage. Light man leaves spot light, it is about to fall on Twinkle but Kunj comes and pushes Twinkle away from it, they both fall down on stage away from spotlight, Twinkle looks at Kunj tensely, Principal praises Kunj for bravery.
Pallavi gets call from goon and says how did she get saved? you cant do anything properly.
Twinkle sees Kunj injured, she says thanks. Kunj says if you really mean it then please go on date with me, i want to talk to you, please, Twinkle says fine but i will decide place and time, he says fine, Yuvi is tensed listening this.
Twinkle sees Yuvi sitting on chair, she comes to him, Yuvi says i am sorry, i spoiled everything,
i am zero, Twinkle says it was not your fault, Yuvi says what if light fell on you? Twinkle says but it didnt, Yuvi says boxer Sir saved you and you are going on date with him, how can you go on date with him? he looks scary, what if he hurts you? arent you afraid? Twinkle says Rocky Sir cant hurt me, Yuvi asks why? Twinkle says its a long story and i think i should tell you, she tells him how she and Kunj got married, how they fell in love, how Kunj drowned in sea and Twinkle got married with Yuvi then how how Kunj retruned after plastic surgery as Rocky and how Kunj asked for a chance again, how Yuvi asked for it too, how Twinke rejected both of them. She says i have decided to forget my past and complete my studies, Yuvi says hats off to you, after so much happening, you are still and make people around you happy, i feel that Yuvi is better than Rocky, he left everything for your happiness, he let you do what you want, Rocky tries to be with you like magnet, what is this date and all? i feel like Rocky Sir is behind light incident, he may have done it to gain your sympathy, he wanted to be hero, Twinkle says no he didnt do it Jassi, dont think too much, lets go my cute best friend, Yuvi i will always be your best friend.
Pallavi is looking at her and Revant’s pictures, flashback shows Pallavi saying to Revant that dont go, Revant says i will comeback soon, bye, fb ends. Pallavi says i let you go last time but not this time, if i have to make Twinkle loose then i have to take steps carefully, my favorite pawn Usha is with me in this game, she smirks.
Scene 2
Kunj comes to Guradvarah and thinks that i should have understood that Twinkle will call me here to meet, this place is important in our story. Twinkle comes there and talks with one woman, Kunj looks at her and smiles, Tujhe main Rab dikhta hai plays. He recalls how met Twinkle first time here. Twinkle comes to Kunj, Kunj says thanks for coming, i wanted to talk to you, Twinkle says lets pray first. Twinkle and Kunj starts serving food to poor, Kunj keeps looking at her. They clean Guradvarah and looks at each other. Twinkle and Kunj keeps shoes in rack and their hands touch. Yuvi is there as Jassi, he says this loser is going for sixers, i have to do something otherwise my Twinkle will make her house again and you will be left alone. Twinkle is working there. She shirt’s back zip is opening, Yuvi and Kunj sees it, they both run to cover her, Yuvi strikes with one man so Kunj reaches to Twinkle first. He hugs her from behind and closes her zip, Sajna ve plays. Usha and Pallavi comes there and sees them like that. Yuvi is jealous seeing that. Usha says Kunj and Twinkle here? Twinkle turns and looks at Kunj, they share eyelock. Usha leaves, Pallavi asks her to stop, Usha says this Twinkle is making Kunj dance to her tunes, Pallavi says you cant stop Twinkle but you can try to stop Kunj, Usha says you are right, i will talk to him, Pallavi says you know he wont listen against Twinkle, he will ignore you, you have to do something indirectly, if you need my help to separate them then i am available, Usha thanks her and thinks. Pallavi thinks helping Usha is helping myself only, she smirks.
Scene 3
Kunj is in college and asks Jassi to do boxing, he asks Jassi to fight back when other student beats him, Kunj asks Jassi to fight back, Yuvi thinks that this student is nothing, dont know what Kunj is teaching him, one hit by me and he will be gone, Yuvi acts like trying to save himself from student, Kunj asjs Jassi to hit back, Yuvi acts fighting back but doesnt hit student, Student punches him on eye, Kunj asks if he is fine? Twinkle comes there and asks if you are fine Jassi? he cries, Twinkle stares Kunj, Yuvi thinks that Kunj get ready for Twinkle’s attack now, Twinkle doesnt say anything to Kunj, she says Jassi lets go, i will apply bandaid to you, she takes him from there.
Yuvi says to Twinkle that Rocky Sir is forcing me to do fighting, that student beat me so much, Twinkle says you will be fine. Yuvi says Rocky Sir is possessive about you, he doesnt like that i am your friend, he is jealous, Twinkle says nothing like that, you sit, she gives him water to drink, he says i think your second hero, Twinkle says Yuvi? he says yes, Yuvi is good boy, he doesnt pressurize you, Twinkle says you are right, i thought Yuvi wont leave me alone, he will pressurize me but he did opposite and gave me space, Yuvi says yes, he didnt ask anything fromt you for 5years, he vene back out when you asked, if someone does all that for you then he loves you in real, you are stupid to not see it, Kunj listens all this. Twinkle says i have class, she leaves. Yuvi says we will meet but this i will meet you as Yuvi not as Jassi.
Scene 1
Twinkle is on road when some goons eve-tease her. Twinkle says i will teach you lesson, she takes off her sandal and is about to beat them when they hold her hand. Kunj comes there and sees them, he tries to go to her but Yuvi comes there and says you think Twinkle is some weak girl? do you have any idea how many goons she beat? she is my tigeress Twinkle, he cheers for Twinkle and asks her to beat them. Twinkle frees her hand and beats goons with sandal, they call her sister and run from there. Everyone claps for her. Yuvi says thats like my fighter Twinkle. Kunj asks Twinkle if she is fine? Twinkle asks Yuvi if he is fine? where is he all these days? Yuvi says i am fulfilling your wish to stay away, it cant happen that you ask me a thing and i dont comply, i am busy with friend’s
marriage, Twinkle asks him to take care, she leaves. Yuvi comes to goons who eve-teased Twinkle and gives them money, Kunj sees it. Yuvi says now my score is more than Kunj.
Kunj is sitting on his bed and says Yuvi is clever, he knows how to trick people but he can try alot but my wife will never be his. He calls Twinkle. Twinkle takes his call, Kunj says thanks for coming to meet me at Guradvarah but we couldnt talk, you know we have to talk once, please will you go on date with me again? Twinkle says i have assignments, Kunj says no pressure, come when you have time, he ends call.
Anita shows photos to Yuvi and says choose one girl, i will ask for marriage proposal, Yuvi says whats wrong with you? Anita says i cant see you go around Twinkle like that, you were never important for her, Yuvi says there cant be any other girl in my life other than Twinkle, end of discussion, he leaves.
Kunj looks at his and Twinkle’s photo, he says i know your heart Twinkle, even i can play games too but i want to win your heart and i will win it one day.
Yuvi says to himself that i will do anything to win Twinkle’s heart, i promise i wont lose you this time Twinkle.
its morning, Twinkle is waiting for Jassi to pick her up. One kid comes and gives her flowers, she asks who sent it? kid points to Kunj, Twinkle gives flowers back to kid and says give it back to him. Kunj gives puppy eyes, love me thora aur plays, kid gives note to Twinkle, note says that say yes for date. Twinkle writes her answer and give it to kid, Kid brings it to Kunj, it says no. Kunj sends her another card, it says please please please just once. Twinkle says he wont agree, she says to kid that tell him i have agreed for date but not for forgiveness. Kid tells it to Kunj, Kunj smiles at Twinkle and thanks her, he leaves. Yuvi comes there as Jassi and sees card in her hands. Twinkle asks shall we leave? Yuvi says mom asked me to give courier, i have to do it, can you go to college alone today? Twinkle says okay but come soon to college, Yuvi says yes.
Pallavi brings Jassi/Yuvi to Sarna house. Pallavi tells Usha that he is Jassi and Twinkle’s friend, he knows Rocky too, Usha offers him biscuits, he tells them about Twinkle and Kunj’s for the night, Usha and Pallavi gets worried listening it.
Scene 2
At night, Usha is setting bedsheet and feels dizzy, she falls unconscious. Pallavi comes there and sees her unconscious. She asks what happened to you? Kunj is leaving for date but Pallavi calls out his name. He comes there and asks what happened to Usha Maa? Pallavi says her pulse rate is low, you stay with her, i am going to call doctor, she leaves. Kunj stays with Usha.
Twinkle comes to restuarant for date with Kunj.
Doctor comes to check Usha.
Twinkle says he called me here but is irresponsible, i wotn his calls now.
Doctor says that Usha has low BP. Kunj asks how she is? Doctor says she is weak, dont let her take rest. Kunj goes to see off doctor. Pallavi comes to Usha and calls out to her, Usha opens her eyes and smiles, Pallavi is stunned and says wow what an acting, our plan was a success, Twinkle must have left from there now and must be angry with Kunj.
Twinkle stops taxi and hires it.
Kunj comes to Usha and asks how she is? Pallavi says she is fine now, she took stress, i am here to take care of her. Kunj asks her to take care, usha says i am fine.
Twinkle comes to club and orders drink. Kunj comes there, Twinkle looks at her watch and thinks that he came after making me wait so much. Kunj comes to her and says are you miffed with me? he tries to talk ot her but there is loud music in pub. Kunj says i got late.. he sees Yuvi there and thinks that how he got to know that Twinkle and I would be here? Twinkle has back towards Yuvi. Yuvi gives money to manager and cameraman. Kunj sees this and thinks why he is giving them money? he must be planning something. Cameraman comes behind Twinkle and starts clicking pictures of her bare back. Kunj sees this and comes to cameraman, he asks why you are clicking pictures of my wife? she breaks his camera and goes to Yuvi. Kunj grabs Yuvi’s collar and says you wont stop playing your tricks, what you wanted to do with those pictures of Twinkle? you are cheap. yuvi says shut up Kunj Sarna, you are cheap, you think i will click her explicit pictures? she is my wife, i am not like you, i brought cameraman here to click pictures for my friend’s party. Kunj says dont lie. Manager comes and says Yuvi is right, he gave money to arrange party for his friend, this photography was for reference.

Yuvi says i have always given Twinkle her space, she wishes for space so i gave it to her, unlike you i have always respected her wish, Kunj says i dont need to learn how to behave with my wife. Twinkle shouts stop it, just stop it, i am fed up with you both, i am tired of you both. Twinkle says you both wont understand and wont stop this competition right? so i will tell you both in your language, let me tell you Yuvi is ahead of Kunj in this competition, yes Kunj, Yuvi is winning okay? Kunj is stunned to hear it. Yuvi is happy, Kunj says what are you saying Twinkle? Twinkle says yes Yuvi is winning and i mean it, because he is not jealous all the time, he doesnt pressurize me, he doesnt force me to meet him or talk to him all the time, he gives me space and respected my wish, he proved again that he is my best friend and he is winning your so called competition and you are losing Kunj.
Scene 1
Twinkle says to Kunj that Yuvi is winning their so called competition. Kunj says to Twinkle that i tried alot but now i give up, you won, i have lost and i am going away now, i wont bother you, i give up. Twinkle is hurt, Kunj and Twinkle turns away from each other and leaves bar.
Yuvi comes to Twinkle in parking lot and says i like that you are appreciating my efforts, i will drop you home, come. Twinkle sees Kunj sitting in his car and weeping silently, Dhal Jaun plays, Yuvi sees Twinkle looking at Kunj and asks her to sit in car, Twinkle sits, Yuvi drives away. Twinkle is sad.
Kunj is driving car, she stops and puts head on steering wheel and cries.
Twinkle gets Principal’s call, he says there is good news, minister has agreed to come to fest so we have to
finalize everything, Twinkle says but we have less time, Principal says thats why i am calling, you and Rocky has to perform well, she says okay, Twinkle ends call and thinks how will i dance with Kunj now? Yuvi thinks Twinkle gave me brownie points, i have to do something, he drops Twinkle home.
Yuvi meets Kunj in morning, Yuvi says to Kunj that why you are going to college? the one for whom you are doing so much, she doesnt wanna see you, i feel bad for you Kunj, you are so close to Twinkle and i am away from her yet i am winning her, today i won Kunj and you lost, Kunj says there is nothing like winning or losing in love, but never really loved thats why you dont know, Yuvi says good lines but this is no movie that you are saying dialogues, keep this hankie and i suggest you to accept Rocky’s life again. Kunj pushes him away, Yuvi is about to fall down, Kunj says think about yourself, i just pushed you and you couldnt take it, if you got Rocky’s punch then you wouldnt able to stand. A letter falls from Kunj’s hand mistakenly, Kunj doesnt see it and leaves from there. Yuvi sees letter and says wow Kunj you surrendered yourself?
Kunj gives resignation to Principal, Principal says i cant let you go, its about fest. Kunj says fine i will dance with Twinkle only for college’s reputation. Twinkle listens it and thinks that Kunj doesnt want to dance with me, now i know. Kunj says to Principal that i know Twinkle is not comfortable dancing with me, i dont want to make her feel odd, Principal says i understand.
Kunj and Twinkle are in studio and are practicing dance, Sun Sathiya plays. Kunj touches Twinkle’s waist, she gets tensed, Twinkle recalls how Kunj said that he doesnt want to dance with her. Yuvi comes there as Jassi and says i saw his resignation letter but why he is here now? everytime something comes in my way. Twinkle is dancing with Kunj but Kunj mistakenly drops her, she falls down. Twinkle says what is wrong with you, i asked you to give me space but you didnt give it and now you are behaving like a kid, you cant handle anything properly, just cause i denied you so you are doing things like these, i request you to please perform nicely in fest for college’s sake, she goes away. Yuvi thinks that this way Kunj will lose. Yuvi stops Twinkle and says i listened everything, i think Rocky Sir is doing this deliberately, he will not dance well and will make fun of you in fest, he will destroy your performance, Twinkle thinks about it.
Scene 2
Fest starts. Kunj recalls how Twinkle said that Yuvi is winning. Minister comes there. Host announces Twinkle and Kunj’s performance. Twinkle is getting ready, Yuvi comes there as Jassi, he looks at her and thinks that i love you so much, i will keep you so happy than Kunj, just give me one chance baby doll. He says Twinkle i will come after calling my mummy, he leaves.
Kunj is sitting in his room backstage, he is called on stage but Yuvi locks Kunj’s room’s door from outside. Kunj tries to open door but its locked, he asks if there is anyone? Yuvi says no one is going to help you Kunj Sarna. Kunj opens ventilation window of room and sees Jassi standing outside his room with key of his door, he says why Jassi locked me here?
Scene 3
Twinkle comes on stage and starts dancing. Yuvi thinks everything is perfect, Kunj’s entry is about to happen but he is locked and must be calling out for help. Kunj thinks that my entry is about to come, how to get out of here? he tries to break ventilation window. Twinkle is dancing, yuvi thinks Rocky is gone from Twinkle’s life. Kunj comes there and holds Twinkle, they dances on Sun Sathiya, Yuvi thinks what the hell, how did Kunj come out of room? Kunj closely dances with Twinkle, Twinkle looks at him sadly as dance ends. Everyone claps for them, Yuvi is miffed. Kunj says to Twinkle that every moment spent with you means alot to me, i try to bring them again but you keep pushing me away, Twinkle says why dont you leave me like you left me earlier, i have forgotten you, i am habituated to live without you, Kunj says no you are lying, you have only missed me all these years, Twinkle says no i never remembered you, truth is that you never missed me, never thought how i am living without you, you only thought about yourself, your love was selfish and lie, you are selfish, your promises were a lies, everything was a lie, Kunj cups Twinkle’s face with this hands and says i accept that i was wrong but my love for you was always true, look in my eyes and you will find yourself only, just give one chance to our love, to our relation. They share eyelock on stage.
Scene 1
Kunj says to Twinkle that my love was true before and now too, you will see your shadow in my eyes even now, give chance to our love for once. Sajna ve plays, everyone claps, Twinkle is in tears. Girls say that their chemistry is nice, Yuvi is angry and hurt to see it, he leaves from there.
Backstage, everyone congratulates kunj and Twinkle. Principal says it didnt seem like you were performing, but it looked like you were saying heart thing, Kunj says it was just peformance, nothing serious, he leaves. Principal says to Twinkle that i have seen world and i cen feel there is connection between you too, Rocky told me to not tell you but you are in this college because of Rocky only, Rocky agreed to train our students so you can get late admission here, he got admitted here, Twinkle
is shocked and sad hearing it.
Yuvi comes to Kunj’s room and says Kunj will shock now. He keeps live electric wire on his room’s door lock so that Kunj will get electric shock. Twinkle comes there and thinks that i have to talk to Kunj and sort everything. She is about to touch his door’s knob where wire is but Yuvi stops her and throws wire away, he gets electric shock and says Oh Teri.. Kunj comes there and recalls how Yuvi used same words, he thinks that Jassi is using Yuvi’s words. Yuvi runs from there before Twinkle can stop him.
Yuvi comes to room and sets his fake beard, Kunj sees him from far setting his fake beard, he thinks it means Yuvi is Jassi. Yuvi thinks that i hope Kunj didnt recognize me, Kunj thinks that i wont talk to Yuvi now, he starts to leave but creates noise by mistakenly striking with wall, his bracelet falls there, he doesnt see it and runs away from there before Yuvi can see him. Yuvi comes out of room and sees bracelet there, he says it means someone was spying on me, i have to be careful.
Twinkle slips, two guys come and catches her, Twinkle thanks them. Guys say that come in our arms again, your performance was hot, come here girl. Kunj comes there and says i will set you straight, he beats them, guys runaway seeing it was Rocky. Twinkle thinks that Kunj was just helping me till now, Kunj thinks that i have to tell Twinkle about Yuvi/Jassi’s reality, both say that they want to talk to each other, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says i will drop you home, Twinkle says no its not needed, Kunj says you know i wont let you go alone at night, Twinkle nods, they leave. Yuvi has seen all this, Yuvi says Kunj was ready to resign to stay away from Twinkle, and now he is dropping her home, i have to get my act together else i will lose.
Kunj and Twinkle are in car. Twinkle says Principal told.. she says you talk first, what you want to say? Kunj thinks that Yuvi is better than me and she trusts him so much so i have to carefully tell her everything. Kunj says actually.. Twinkle gets Jassi’s call, Twinkle asks Jassi how are you? how is your hand? Jassi says i was feeling like crying and my mom says to not cry infront of girls to i went away from there, i want to ask if you will go on dinner with me? it will be success party for your performance, Twinkle says okay i will meet you, she ends call. Kunj thinks that Yuvi is playing with Twinkle’s feeling, i have to inform Twinkle.
Kunj and Twinkle arrives Sarna house. Usha says to Kunj that you have to give lift to strangers? Twinkle greets Usha, Usha says i am talking to my son, Kunj says how could i let her go alone at night? Usha says Twinkle has told herself that she can live alone and doesnt want any man in her life, Twinkle says Maa.. she says let it be, she leaves, Kunj tries to behind her but Usha says go behind her if you want me to get ill again, he stops from going to her, she leaves.
Twinkle comes to her room and says i couldnt talk to Kunj today. She sees his ring in her purse and recalls how he forgot it in college and she took it, she says i forgot to give it back to him too. Kunj in his room and says i have to talk to Twinkle, he sees his ring missing and says i should ask Twinkle about it. Twinkle says i should call Kunj and tell him about ring. They both call each on mobile at sametime so couldnt get through. Yuvi calls on landline, Twinkle picks up, she says yes Jassi i am coming for dinner, she ends call and leaves.
Scene 2
Twinkle comes to Jassi’s house, he says i couldnt arrange grand welcome. She says no issues. They sit on couch to eat dinner, Yuvi says i will bring water. Yuvi comes in kitchen and sees from window that Kunj is outside his house, he says Kunj must have got my address from college, i think he has doubt on me. Twinkle sees Kunj’s bracelet(which he forgot outside Yuvi room’s earlier) on couch and calls Jassi, she says what is Kunj’s bracelet doing here? Yuvi thinks that it means it was Kunj spying on me, Kunj knows about my reality and has come here to expose me infront of Twinkle, he says i got it outside green room, i kept it to give it to its owner back as my mother says its bad manners to keep others things. Kunj is approaching Yuvi’s flat. Yuvi is tensed and is fidgeting with his hands looking at gate. Twinkle asks what happened? he says nothing, she says lets eat food. Kunj comes outside Jassi’s house and knocks on door. Kunj says i am sure he is trying to runaway but i wont spare him today. Kunj tries to break door, he kicks door and opens it. He comes inside and doesnt find anyone, he shouts Yuvi .. Twinkle.. He finds his bracelet on couch and says now he knows his secret is not secret anymore, run Jassi as much as you want but you wont be able to save yourself.
Yuvi brings Twinkle to some isolated place. Twinkle says why did you bring me here Jassi? yuvi says i thought we should do something special, hotel and house is boring and i dont want to bore my special friend thats why i did this arrangement, Twinkle asks what we will do here? Yuvi says we will mash bubbles here, she whats? Yuvi says one minute. Yuvi brings and blows soap bubbles towards Twinkle, Twinkle tries to take bucket from Yuvi but he sits on ladder and blows bubbles, Twinkle plays with them and is happy, Teri yaad plays. Yuvi smiles at her and thinks that loser Kunj will keep finding us everywhere and here i will spend alone time with Twinkle, Twinkle is smiling after so much time, it gives me peace, i will make her happy, i will do anything to keep her happy.
Scene 1
Kunj asks hotel manager about Jassi, and Twinkle, manager says no they didnt come here. Kunj thinks that i have checked all restaurants but they are not anywhere. Kunj sees restaurant under construction and says i should check.
Twinkle says to Jassi that you have made me happy again, you have made me met old Twinkle, world can say anything but remain innocent like this, always remain cute and scooter using Jassi. Kunj sees them from far and thinks that i have seen Twinkle so happy after much time, if i tell her about Yuvi’s reality then she wont be able to trust anyone again, she will be broken. Yuvi sees Kunj hiding and says to Twinkle that i will come.
Yuvi comes Kunj outside den. PRECAP,, Yuvi says you are selfish Kunj, you did it 5years ago and you are going to
do it again. Twinkle is inside den and says where is Jassi? kunj says to Yuvi that i am selfish? what about you playing games with Twinkle? how can your conscience allow you to do this with Twinkle? if you think that i am going to tell Twinkle about your reality then you are wrong, i wont tell her about this game, i am not you, i care for Twinkle, i cant see her breaking again,n you know what will happen if Twinkle knows about Jassi’s reality, she wont trust you ever, she will be broken and i will take care of her, i know i have hurt her but i have never cheated her, you know what? i have eyes on you, play your game but if you try to hurt Twinkle then your game will be out, i am not revealing your identity i care for Twinkle, he leaves. Twinkle comes there and says Jassi what are you doing here? he says nothing, i was going to take food, Twinkle asks if someone came here? i felt like Kunj was here but how can he come here? Yuvi says i will bring food, he leaves.
Twinkle sees star breaking, she says lets pray to it Jassi. Twinkle says i have hurt Kunj, please he accept my sorry and always remain happy, Yuvi thinks that she is asking wish for Kunj too, this hurts.
Kunj is in his car and sees star breaking, he says Twinkle have suffered alot because of me, i wish there is only happiness in her life from now on.
Twinkle comes home. Leela shows her ring and says this is Kunj’s ring, where did you get it? Twinkle says he forgot it so i took it, Leela says Pundit gave it to him for his safety, give it to him, Twinkle says what about Usha? Leela says i know she wont like it but you have to give it to him, Twinkle thinks that i shouldnt call Kunj here at this time of night, i should go to his house.
Twinkle comes to Sarna house and says Kunj must be in his room. She goes to his room and knocks on door. Usha is in lounge and listens noise from upstairs, she says seems like someone is there, let me check. Twinkle comes to her and Kunj’s old room. she looks around for Kunj. Kunj comes from behind and sees her there. He listens someone coming there and drags Twinkle and hides beneath bed with Twinkle close to him. Usha comes there and doesnt see them, she switches off light and leaves. Kunj and Twinkle are hiding beside bed, they share eyelock, Saiyan plays, they recalls their pas moments, their dance together. They get up and compose themselves. Yuvi is in balcony of his room and sees Twinkle in Kunj’s room. Twinkle says to Kunj that i came to give you your ring, it fell down when you were beating goons so i took it. Kunj takes it from her. Yuvi is seeing all this from his window and is angry. Twinkle says good night and leaves. Kunj looks on. Yuvi says no no.. i cant let them come closer, i have to do something to make Kunj stoop low in Twinkle’s eyes so she hates him and come closer to me, i cant lose Twinkle again.
Scene 2
Its morning. Twinkle and Jassi comes to college. People are laughing at them. Yuvi asks why they are laughing? One girl says to Twinkle that how did you trap teacher? i mean you started affair with teacher? Yuvi says dont say these cheap things, girl says if you dont believe then see notice board. Twinkle and Yuvi comes to notice board and sees Twinkle and Kunj’s picture in which are closely dancing for fest and love quotes are written around it, people are reading them. Yuvi thinks that sorry Twinkle, i didnt want to hurt you but everything is fair in love and war, i did it so you hate Kunj. One guy says after their such passionate performance, Rocky Sir had to confess his love, right guys? all laugh. Twinkle has tears in her eyes and leaves from there. Kunj comes there and sees all that, he says what the hell? who did it? you people dont have classes? all leave. Rocky removes all pictures. Peon comes and says Principal is calling you.
Jassi says to Twinkle that dont cry, its Rocky’s fault, he made fun of you infront of whole college, i think Yuvi is good boy, he listens to you and never follows you but Rocky Sir is bad boy, how can he do it. Twinkle thinks.
Kunj says to Principal that you think that i can do such act? Principal says we cant ignore this, we have to take action, Kunj says i understand, you can decide your step, i didnt to anything, i am ready to resign, wish you ahd accepted my resignation earlier so this wouldnt happen, Principal asks if you have doubt on anyone? Kunj says no but i will find out as its not about me but Twinkle’s disrespect too.
One guy comes to Twinkle and says you know Principal fired Rocky from college. Twinkle leaves from there. Yuvi thinks that success for me.
Kunj is leaving college when he strkes with one guy and sees paint brushes in his hands, he thinks if this guy is connected with that picture act? He asks who are you? tell me else i will break your bones. Guy says Yuraj Luthra asked me to put that on notice board, let me, he leaves.
Kunj is leaving college when Twinkle comes and calls out his name. He stops, Twinkle comes to him. Jassi brings Principal there and says Twinkle wanna talk to you. Twinkle says to Principal Sir, Rocky and I can have problems between but he can never do something that cheap, he cant put pur pictures on walls, so if he is fired then i will leave college too, Principal says no, you are brightest student, if you dont have problem with him then we wil not take action against him, he asks Rocky to start his class again, Kunj nods, all leave. Kunj says to Yuvi that i told you my eyes will be on you and i wont spare you if you hurt Twinkle, Yuvi asks what i did? Kunj says how innocent but remember to send strong goons from next time because these goons blurt everything to me.
PRECAP- Kunj says to Yuvi that its always your standard to win by using cheap tricks and shortcuts. One day Twinkle will come to me herself because i am real and original, i am 100% true to her, you gonna lose and very badly Yuvraj Luthra. .

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