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Yesterday, the minority in Ghana’s parliament addressed a press conference and predicted that, in the yet to be read Mid year budget, the government will be increasing VAT ( Value Added Tax) and if same happens, it will breed hardships in Ghana.

Last year, prior to the reading of the annual budget by the finance minister, these same con men addressed a similar press conference on 14-11.2018. The press conference was captured by citifmonline.com with caption “NDC predicts mobile money tax” Paragraph 1 of the news article states that, ” the minority in the National Democratic Congress in parliament has predicted tax on moblie money transactions in the 2018 budget statement to be read by the finance minister tomorrow”

This was the prediction of these Con men. However, it is clear that no were did the government via the finance minister tax transactions on mobile money.

The very people who addressed the press conference yesterday, ( Con men ) whilst in government (as Majority in parliament), initiated some dubious, bogus and unnecessary taxes which has been abolished and some reviewed by the current government. See breakdown below.

  1. Special Import Levy of 1%. This unnecessary tax has however been abolished by the current government.

  2. Special Petroleum Tax of 17.5% has been reduced by the Nana Addo government to 15%

  3. National Fiscal Stabilization Levy of 5% has also been reduced to 3%.

  4. Financial Services Tax of 17% has been abolished and cancelled by the current government

  5. 5% VAT / NHIL rate on real estate sales has also been abolished and eradicated.

  6. These Con men passed and enacted a national electrification Levy of 5% which has now been reduced to 2% by the Nana Addo government.

  7. These Con men also passed a public lighting Levy of 5% which has been reduced to 3%

  8. 17.5 percent VAT/NHIL on selected imported medicines, that are not produced locally;

  9. All Levies imposed on kayayei by local authorities has also been abolished

  10. 17.5 percent VAT/NHIL on domestic airline tickets has also been abolished and eradicated.

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The former president on his part as the leader and motivator of the Con men also added his voice to support his babies with sharp teeth indicating that the increase in taxes may breed enormous hardships in this country.
My simple question to the former NDC president is that,

  • after he had initiated all those taxes named above, which were not necessary, did those implementations breed hardships? Did it collapse Ghana? Did the Mahama taxes bring relief to Ghanaians?

Also on 6th April 2018, Former president Mahama visited the branch of his party in the New York and said a few things. Dailyguideafrica.com reported the story with caption
“Mahama kicks against power tariff cuts”
Below are relevant portions of the said story.
Former President John Dramani Mahama does not appear enthused about the fact that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has succeeded in reducing electricity tariffs for all categories of consumers.
Mr Mahama described the move by President Akufo-Addo’s NPP government – which aims at lessening the financial burden of Ghanaians – as ‘populist’
He even predicted that the erratic power supply known in local parlance as ‘dumsor’ that characterised his four-year administration, would return because of the way the NPP government is mismanaging the power sector and reducing taxes.
During his recent meeting with opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters of the United Kingdom, he started that,
“The way they are going, they are likely to run us into dumsor because of this populist reduction in tariffs,” he predicted in London some few weeks ago when he accompanied some NDC national executives there as part of the party’s efforts to unite the rank and file.

Mahama stated empathically clear that, the reduction of tariffs by Akuffo Addo was a populace approach.

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However, it must be noted that upon all the taxes we the citizens of Ghana were paying under Mahama, the cost of electricity under Mahama was still unprecedented.

Under the regime of Mahama and the NDC, a prepaid unit bought at GhS 50.00 would only last for less than 2 weeks but now under Nana Addo, same amount purchased used under same conditions will last for more than a month even though those unnecessary taxes initiated by those Con men has been abolished.

From the above elaborations and break down, why is it that, the very people who initiated these dubious taxes a few months back are the same people crying for help.

The Hypocritic babies with sharp teeth will never seize to amaze us.

…… Signed…..
Kwame Baffoe Abronye
First Vice Chairman NPP ( Brong Ahafo Region) and Founder Grassroot Movement For NPP

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