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Teachers to Go On Strike Over ‘One Teacher One Laptop’ Initiative

In a reported sighted on GhanaFeed, teachers from various senior high schools in the Northern region’s Saboba District have reportedly embarked on strike since their Education Director has failed to obtain their laptops under the continuing ‘one teacher, one laptop’ scheme.



According to the source, teachers at St Joseph Technical Senior High School, EP Senior High School, and Wapuli Day Senior High School have refused to teach since Friday, October 1, 2021.

The information further adds that except for schools in the Saboba District, they claim that all teachers in second-cycle institutions in the North

The Education Director told the teachers at a meeting that she couldn’t go get the laptops because the road was flooded, according to a teacher who talked to Northern regional correspondent on the condition of anonymity.

“We received information that people were giving computers in the northern region, so we contacted our heads, and they contacted the Director, who said they asked her to come get it, but she told them there was water, so she couldn’t.”

“In the meantime, the water was still there when she crossed to Tamale and returned. So, when the headteachers were getting ready to organize a bus to pick up the laptops, she called and was told they were done.

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When we called a meeting and she showed up, we told her we wouldn’t be able to teach until we got the laptops, and now she wants to know if we’ll be able to teach on the days we missed class once we get the laptops.”

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