Kelechi Solomon James known by his stage name Fassion Kellii is a young and new sensational artiste who loves Rap Music, Reggae, and R&B, Afro-Pop, Soul and more.
His interest for music started at the age of 12 where he used to rap with his friends under the tree in Onelga L.G.A, his hometown in Nigeria. This influenced him greatly to start sourcing for free beats which in return boasts him to become more passionate after his first studio experience at the age of 14.
He does simple but relatable songs in a twisted and brilliant manner.
He sings basically about love, relationship, heartbreak and life.
His new single (Link Up) is a club banger, has some few pick up lines.  At the same time, it talks about how a girl is treating him badly, not giving him attention irrespective of his continuous and genuine romantic expression. Link Up is actually danceable, ideal for workouts and can serve for any kind of social activity.
He is currently under the management of Mega Kings Empire Entertainment (MKEE), a Ghana based Production Company.
 When asked of his role model, this was his response “I think I’m unique in my own way though I have been greatly inspired by seasonal award winners like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Sia, Rihanna, Lil Wayne and more. I admire the zealousness they bring to the craft.”
His hobbies are watching and playing football, playing video games, paintings, graffiti, dance and gymnastics. He likes food a lot especially Fried Chicken and Noodles, Jollof,… no favorites actually.
His stage name “Fassion Kellii” might sound like fashion but it isn’t about fashion. It simply means passion for what he does and is derived from the word “passion”
Fassion Kellii promises to be an artiste that we’ll love and grow up with it for he has a lot of beautiful songs in store.
Happy 2018!


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