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Social media users react to video of Dag Heward Mills allegedly attacking Otumfuo

 Dag Heward-Mills in the viral video spoke against the respect accorded Otumfuo

• In his wisdom, Otumfuo has not done much to warrant the respect

• The video has received reactions from social media

A video of the leader of the Lighthouse Chapel International, Bishop Dag Heward Mills, allegedly attacking the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has been making the rounds on social media, eliciting various responses.

In the alleged video, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is heard accusing the Otumfuo of dabbling in self-glorification whilst his compatriot kings elsewhere impact the lives of their subjects.

The Lighthouse church leader noted that Otumfuo gets praised for things which in his wisdom are of no value to the national development as well as the development of the Ashante people.

He lamented as an influential member of Ghanaian society, the Asantehene is supposed to a source of development but that seems not to be the case.

“If the Otumfuo or whoever is there is the real king of the people when he goes, we say this is what he did for the Asante people…not that he ate more food, travelled to Europe or had more wives and children.

“That is not the art of being a king…even two-year-olds have birthday parties and every day there is a celebration…one year, 40 days…that is all,” he said.

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He also took issues with the description of Otumfuo as the ‘King Solomon of the 21st century.

He said that unlike Otumfuo who has not undertaken and recognizable developmental project, the Biblical King Solomon was revered for his good works and impact on his people.

“Do you know what King Solomon built?…Be very careful when you’re giving such a nickname to somebody…we are often the most useless types of kings that ever existed,” he added.

On social media, the reactions have been diverse whilst some people believe in Heward Mills, others have chastised him for going after the Asantenhene.

Read some reactions below

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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