Sheik Al Maktoum: The Dubai royal who allegedly sold overpriced Sputnik V vaccines to Ghana

Sheik Al Maktoum: The Dubai royal who allegedly sold overpriced Sputnik V vaccines to Ghana

• A Norwegian tabloid has made some revelations about how Ghana procured the Sputnik V vaccines

According to the report government used middlemen in purchasing the vaccines which led to a rise in the price

• The report also cite a Norwegian as the intermediary in the deal

Sheikh Ahmed Dalmook Al Maktoum, is a name that is not familiar to majority of Ghanaians but very common to those who walk within the corridors of power, according to a corruption report by Norwegian tabloid Verden Gang.

The man described as a ‘second cousin’ to the ruler of Dubai is the source of two controversial deals that occurred in Ghana within the last six years.

“AL MAKTOUM is the ruling family in Dubai. Ahmed Dalmook is a relatively peripheral family member, as the ruler’s second cousin.

“The size of the young Sheik’s fortune is unclear; while the richest sheiks own private planes, he rents,” parts of the report read.

The latest deal that involves Sheikh Ahmed Dalmook is the purchase of 3.4 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccines.

The report cites Sheikh Ahmed Dalmook as an alleged hoarder of Sputnik vaccines who sells to the highest bidder in collusion with one Morten Hansen, who is a Norwegian national.

“Boxes containing a total of 16,000 doses of the Russian Sputnik V are unloaded from the plane and placed in front of the Minister of Health.

“The sample proves that the Sheik has access to the coronavirus vaccine. A product sought after by every country in the world. Now, it is time for negotiations.”

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So as the story goes, negotiations indeed begun and in less than a week the Republic of Ghana sealed a deal with Sheikh Ahmed Dalmook for the purchase of coronavirus vaccines despite being unaware of the source of vaccines.

“Six days later, the Ministry of Health in Ghana signs an agreement with the Sheik. They announce that they have reached an agreement regarding the purchase of 3.4 million vaccine doses.

“No price is publicly disclosed,” says the report.

Getting a vaccine at this stage of the fight against the coronavirus where the jabs have become a rare commodity is a major achievement for the government but at what cost did the vaccines come?

The tabloid quotes a ‘bureaucrat’ at the Ministry of Health as saying: “ I have a fairly good idea, at least regarding Maktoum (the Sheik, journalist notes), so I know that they sold for 19 dollars.”

The Ministry of Health has since reacted to early reports of an alleged purchase of overpriced Sputnik V vaccines. In a press statement, the MoH says it will “issue a release to address its processes” of procuring the Russian vaccines.