SAVE ASHANTI NHIS NOW- Patriotic Communicator Ashanti Region



SAVE ASHANTI NHIS NOW- Patriotic Communicator Ashanti Region

We Patriotic Communicators – Ashanti Region would like to bring to the attention of the president, party executives of the NPP and the CEO of the National health insurance Scheme some mishaps in the Ashanti Regional secretariat of the National Health Insurance Scheme.

We are registered party members who communicate for the party in the Ashanti Region as far as party matters are concerned.

The way and manner how the Health insurance scheme is managed in the region is appalling and even has the tendency to send the party back to opposition. We are very shocked that though the party is in power but it seems the party is not in government and this has left a lot of party members in the region very worried and devastated.

We are demoralized that up till now certain NDC appointees at the Ashanti Regional branch who came out publicly to support the NDC in election 2016 are still at post at the Regional and District National Health Insurance Secretariat. These people are sabotaging governments effort to make the NHIS vibrant to achieve their target as state owned service providers.

We are reliably aware and we have the evidence to back our claim that one Mr. George Omaboe and one Mr. Nurudeen Bawa who were both appointees of the previous NDC government have had certain meetings with certain NDC serial callers to sabotage the effort of government as far as development of the NHIS is concerned.

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These NDC appointees who are still at post have linked up well and have formed syndicate leaking information to the general public on issues relating to the NHIS, classical example is the budgetary MEMO on stakeholders meetings organised by Deputy Chief Executive Admin. and HR, Madam Yaa Pokuaa Baiden. These NDC appointees who are at post do not only leak information to serial callers but also finance NDC serial callers to go on radio and other platforms to sabotage government policies brought up to enhance the day to day administration of the scheme.

We also wish to bring to the attention of the President that our hard working party members who helped the party to victory in 2016 have been sidelined in the region and as if that is not enough, the likes of Mr Omaboe and his team have been tasked by the deputy CEO to harass our members in the region. We daresay that the deputy CEO is acting on the information received from Mr Omaboe who is craftiliy pursuing his agenda to harass key members of our party in the region.

In view of these, we wish to state that;

1. we are not happy with this development and we respectfully request the President to call Mrs Yaa Pokua Baiden to order before the worst happens in the region.

2. Government terminates the appointment of these NDC appointees who were brought to the scheme by the previous NDC government on political gains and appoint competent people who will reason with government to achieve the mission and vision of the scheme.


3. Government confirms all acting District Managers of the scheme in the region so that they will have the courage to work towards achieving the goals of the scheme.

As a matter of urgency, if those NDCs appointees are not transfered, we will make sure that we sack them from their respective offices with the necessary apparatus at our disposal.

Thank you






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