Regional Organizer Hopeful Demonstrates His commitment for victory 2020 and beyond

One of the leading contenders for the Ashanti regional Organiser Position of the New Patriotic Party(NPP), Riches Oscar also known as Ghana Beyeyie has shocked the constituency executives of all the 47(forty-Seven) constituencies in the region when he donated to each constituency a brand new locally manufactured Brass band and 20 plastic chairs at his just ended regional tour to campaign for his bid.

Information available to fly Fm indicates that this wonderful project by Mr Oscar has earned him the Name “Real Field Marshall” among the delegates.

Speaking with our correspondent in Ashanti region Mr Riches Oscar stated that “this is the tip of the iceberg,i bought 50 locally manufactured brass band and 1000(one thousand) plastic chairs to be shared among the all 47 constituencies and region which I have fulfilled. If by God’s Grace the cherished delegates on 21st April,2018 gives me the mandates to become the next regional organiser, I have started the process to import another 50 sets of foreign brass band which would be added to the locally manufactured once I shared”.

Meaning under his tenure as regional organizer all constituencies in the region are going to have 2(two) sets of brass band which would save them of the financial burden of renting brass band in Electioneering period and any time the constituency wants to organise keep fit or any events.

Also, another benefits that comes with the brass band is that, the constituency can rent it out to generate income to run the party at the constituency level.

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Mr Oscar again said, he has already rented rooms in all the orphan constituencies in the region where he would stay to do his operations to win those seats for NPP. He put out to the delegates powerful strategies and comprehensive plan to win all seats in the region and to achieve his campaign mantra ‘ to organize and increase NPP votes in Ashanti region to 90%.

kwabena Frimpong

kwabena Frimpong

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