Rawlings didn’t know about the killing of the judges – General Nunoo-Mensah

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A former chief of defence staff under the PNDC, General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah says former president Jerry John Rawlings did not know about the killing of the three High Court judges and the ex-soldier abducted during the era of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC).

In an interview with Citi TV, the former national security advisor opined that people know the truth about who killed the four people, but they don’t have the courage to speak the truth.

“I believe that Rawlings didn’t know anything about it [that abduction and killing]. From my training and experience, I believe Jerry Rawlings didn’t know anything about it,” he told Citi TV.

According to him, per his interaction with the then head of state [Jerry Rawling], he could tell he didn’t know about it.

He also said as a member of the then government he was not part and did not know about the killing of the three judges and a retired military officer.

General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah said, he had to resign months later from the government because he did not want to be part of a government that committed that dastardly act

“I wrote my letter and sent to then Chairman Rawlings that I have quit,” he told Samuel Atta-Mensah, host of Citi TV’s Footprints show.

The former present Jerry John Rawlings has consistently denied his involvement in the infamous murder of the three judges and the soldier.

Some Ghanaians still believe the former head of state sanctioned the cold-blooded murder of the four persons.

Source: yen.com.gh

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