Nurses Have Been Taken For Granted For Far Too Long -Taanan George

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  • Last year, Bashiru Surakatu, a nurse (drowned when he was crossing to his facility in East Gonja District at Salaga to take care of his patients). On 30th August 2020, Alfred Anum, a nurse, met his untimely death by a reckless driver at Ada. #Ruth_Eshun, was murdered earlier part of this year by unscrupulous persons in Ashanti Region when she was returning from work to her house. They are all dead and gone! They died while going to save others’ lives! No one remember them again. They were all nurses in their prime and youthful exuberant. Theory lives have been cut short in their line of duty.

If these individuals were from certain occupations or professions, funds with foundation’s name would have been set up to cater for their families but because they are nurses, nothing more except mouths condolences! Based on above complete neglects and many others issues, we(Ghana Registered Nurses And Midwives Association) tabled our concerns in a document named “condition of service document” for government of Ghana to give a listening ear for years now but it seems our efforts to get employer attention has fallen on a hard ground.

We held various meetings and sat on negotiations tables yet outcomes are nothing to write home about. We are rather being insulted as “what do you use your money for and you want salaries increment” from those who suppose to know better.

When cameras are on them, they applaud nurses but when that shine is taken away, they tend to spit venoms and unprintable words on them. There is African adage that says “the person you in know very well, you don’t need light on his face in the night to recognise him”. It’s not a De Ja Vu situation . It has happened before in 2006. 😊

Notices have been served already across length and breath of the country. It has also found it ways to nooks and cranny of this country and within health posts, CHPS, HEALTH CENTRES, DISTRICT HOSPITALS etc. It is for our future and generations to come. We can’t mortgage our lives and families just for nothing and when you die, they say “Fa ma Nyame”. From Aflao to Paga Chana border and from Tatale border in N/R to Dormaa border in B/A, all our members should get themselves in readiness to strike and demand for the best for our future and nursing generation to come.

Long live All Nurses And Midwives.
Unity Is Strength.

George Taanan Jilignul
Concern Nurse.


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