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The Tescon Presidents from all the tertiary Institutions in the northern region gave Mr Ntim their massive endorsement during his campaign tour in the region at Alhaji Fuzzy( Regional campaign coordinator) office premises were the meeting was held.

The northern regional Tescon coordinator Mr.Yakubu Abubakari (Afasco) assured the Incoming national chairman that,they will do all what it takes to ensure that Mr Ntim wins this election at the national delegates Congress slated for Koforidua in the weekend of July.

The Presidents’ told Mr Ntim that,as potential researchers,they have discovered that Ntim is going to win this election at very wide margin. Hence, their motivation to joined the winning team.
Also they informed Mr Ntim Allah will fight the battle for him to succeed.
The Tescon coordinator Afasco then made a passionate appeal to Ntim after his declaration and subsequent swearing in ceremony.

Mr. Ntim should ensure that former Tescon executives are made to be part at their various constituencies decision Making bodies to share their experience learned through Tescon activities on campus to help organise the party activities on campus especially be considered as party of campaign teams during elections.

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They also told Mr. Ntim to ensure that, former Tescon executives are made part of regional research teams to help contribute for the growth of our party.

Finally, they expressed the frustration their patrons in the various institutions are going through in assisting them to organise Tescon programs, but yet they are either neglected or not given any recognition by the party.
They want this tradition to be reviewed under Ntim tenure of office where their Tescon patrons are made to be part of their institutions decision making bodies and be given the needed recognition in the party. Again, they don’t understand why their patrons don’t have voting rights during the party’s internal elections despite their contributions in Tescon activities.

Lastly, they also want Ntim to create jobs, scholarship opportunities for their members after completion of school.

On the part of the incoming National Chairman Mr Ntim, he assured them that,he will do his best to improve their present situation as Tescon executives.
He will create the needed environment to enhance the availability of jobs for their members.

Finally, Ntim urged them to work hard to ensure that he gets the Nob at the national delegates Congress to enable him address the challenges that they are going through swiftly.
Mr Ntim told them to value commitment, hard work,decathlon and loyalty for the course of the party. Therefore, he deserves to be rewarded in the coming election since he has exhibited all this in the past.

Credit: Awasinajunior

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