Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Episodes On Adom TV : Sherlin’s exit and Deepak’s entry knocks new trouble in Rishab and Preeta’s love life

Sherlin’s exit and Deepak’s entry knocks new trouble in Rishab and Preeta’s love life in Kundali Bhagya
In the upcoming track of Kundali Bhagya the storyline will show Rishab and Preeta’s grooming love.
While Luthra family is preparaing for Rishab and Sherlin’s wedding, Rishab will break this wedding.
Moreover Rishab will tell Rakhi and Kareena that he don’t want to marry Sherlin and it was his confusion that he agreed for wedding.
Preeta is unaware of fact that Deepak has taken entry in her life to ruin her…
Rishab andPreeta’s love amid Deepak’s trap
Soon Sherlin will exit from Rishab’s life where after Deepak will start trapping Preeta.
Preeta unaware of Deeapk’s evil intention will also become more friendly to Deepak.
Thus Rishab and Preeta’s intimacy will irk Deepak and he will try to create trouble in Rishab and Preeta’s life.
Lets’ see how Rishab and Preeta will confess love and how Deepak will turn spoil spot.

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