Kumkum Bhagya Episode 979 Update on Tuesday 16th January, 2018

The Episode starts with Pragya asking Simonika to protect Abhi and be with him when he is outside. She sees the diya set off and lights it. Simonika thinks Pragya made killer as protector and thinks you didn’t know that his saya will take his life. Aaliya comes to Tanu and scolds her for comes running on the stairs without using her mind and falling down. Tanu cries and takes her mum’s name. Robin brings food and says Pragya ordered him to make the dishes. Dasi says she is ruling in the kitchen now. Tai ji says it is a limit. Dadi asks Robin to ask her and not Munni. She feels pain and asks to call the doctor. Doctor checks Dadi and says it is joint pain/osteoporosis. Pragya says she will take her of her and asks Dadi how did this happen. Dadi asks Dasi to take medical prescription from her
and tell her that she don’t want to see her face.
Pragya goes from there. She comes to her room and prays to God that she is falling weak and wants Abhi to call her fuggi. She thinks to protect Abhi from the mysterious enemy. Taya ji jokes about the demonetization of old currency notes and says it is a year now since it is banned. Mitali says her notes got wasted as she had hidden it, but she is still using change from bunty and babli’s piggy bank. Simonika thinks and a fb is shown about her past. Abhi asks her where is she lost? Simonika says she was thinking about work. Robin asks Pragya to have food and says Tanu told the menu.
Pragya feels something is fishy. She warns Tanu and asks Robin to follow her orders only. Tanu is shocked. Pragya calls herself as owner of the house and says she let her stay here and asks her not to think her as malkin. Abhi says he will shock her now. He asks Robin to keep his breakfast back as he is going to have bath.

He runs. Pragya also runs to room. Abhi holds her. They argue that they will go to have bath first. Pragya asks him to let her go and says she is his wife. Abhi says you are her lookalike. He stops Pragya and keeps his leg on the door. Pragya says she will go. They get closer as they get stuck in door. Allah wariyan plays…..He says he don’t get feelings seeing her. Pragya says let me go back, as I have to go and see Dadi. Abhi says I woke up first and will have bath first. They both argue again.
Abhi says I want to see you winning and takes off his shirt. Pragya keeps hand on her eyes. Abhi says he will take bath fast.

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