Kundali Bhagya Episode 41 Update on Monday 22nd January 2018

In the car, Karan tries to ask Rishab why he is upset with Preeta. Rishab doesn’t reply and points towards his practice ground. Karan leaves while Rishab watches Deepak. He thinks he can’t let Deepak ruin his precious friendship with Preeta.
Sherlin was selecting clothes. Preeta arrives, Kritika asks Preeta about her consent for a dress Sherlin liked. Preeta says this would suit her a lot. Sherlin rejects the dress, curtly calling it a middle class love. Upstairs, Kritika shows Preeta her engagement album. Preeta was excited at the recollection of memories. Kritika asks if she didn’t dislike the way Sherlin spoke to her. Preeta says its Sherlin’s engagement, it’s her right to choose the dress. Kritika hats off to Preeta for understanding everyone so well. Preeta thinks she has
only be unable to understand Karan.
There, Karan thinks about how much Preeta speaks.
In the hall, Kareena sends Rakhi. She then warns Sherlin not to misbehave again, at least in front of Rakhi. She must control herself. Sherlin argues she isn’t crazy, she can see Rishab is falling for Preeta. She feels insecure of that middle class girl only.
Sarla was making a list of grocery, there is a door bell. Rishab arrives and hires Kumkum Bhagya for his engagement function. He books it for two days, one for preparation and other for function and pays an advance of 60 thousand. Sarla says this is more than their rent but Dadi insists on her to accept it. Sarla thinks this money would solve her problem. Rishab thinks now Preeta’s tension would be relieved.
There, Kareena comes to Kritika’s room and scolds Preeta badly for wasting her time, what has she to do with their family album. Preeta accepts the mistake, takes her bag and leaves. Kareena angrily tells Kritika to bring albums downstairs.
Outside in the corridor, Preeta and Karan’s forehead hit each other. Karan shouts as he was already hurt here. Preeta argues it’s a minor come across, he isn’t bleeding. They argue taking a bitter gourd (karela) when Rishab arrives. Preeta qualifies she was only telling Karan the benefits of bitter gourd. Karan mocksthat Preeta is herself like a bitter gourd. Sherlin watches Rishab and angrily calls him. Karan mocks at Rishab that his bitter gourd is calling him. Preeta breaks into laughter. Rishab leaves. Kareena watches Karan and Preeta laugh together, playfully about it.
At home, Sarla cries that Rishab is really nice. He booked their small hall and paid her enough price for their debt. She will now be able to save Kumkum Bhagya and fulfil her responsibilities. She calls Preeta and asks if she asked Rishab for money, and tells her about his booking. Preeta takes a leave from Dadi for a few minutes.
Everyone was watching photo album together. Kareena points at his dance photo with Sherlin. Rishab watches Preeta’s photo in the album and steals it. He brings it in the room, smirking over his craziness. Preeta comes there and he abruptly hides the photo behind him.
PRECAP: Kareena tells Sherlin she would now teach Preeta a lesson.

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