Kumkum Bhagya Episode 983 Update on Monday 22nd January 2018

 The Episode starts with Tanu telling Simonika that Abhi hates Munni and he will kick her out and you will be kick out too. She asks her not to come near her, else her hand will be raised. Simonika asks her to mind her tongue and says I am silent and that doesn’t mean that you will say me anything. She says I have more better things to do rather than spying on you. Tanu says you don’t know who I am? Simonika says you are a flop model who is enjoying retirement now, and says you are a flop girl friend and flopsautan too. She says how you will impress Abhi, and says he will get depressed seeing you. She laughs and says you tried to scare me and asks Tanu to be stronger and powerful, as Abhi can kick her anytime. She says you might be thinking all day what to wear to impress him and says instead
of trying to scare me, go and cry your heart out infront of Aaliya. She says if I had a sautan then I would have killed her and gives her ideas to kill Pragya.
She says look at you, you are weak and fragile. She asks her not to threaten her again and says Pragya and she will be enemies.

Tanu thinks innocent looking secretary gave her dangerous ideas and she shall work upon it. She thinks she shall take help of someone. Pragya comes there and asks what is she thinking? Tanu says it was good that you hired the girl as Abhi’s secretary and praises her. Pragya asks her to stay away from her. Tanu says she shall learn from her and is happy with her. Pragya gets worried.
Disha is in her room. Purab comes from bathroom and holds her from falling. They have an eye lock. Lejaye song plays…Disha says sorry and says she didn’t know that he was in bathroom. Her cousin comes and says he is your husband. Disha goes. Cousin thinks there is still distance between them.
Simonika is in car and thinks to kill Abhi tonight itself and thinks it will be kayamath ki night for Abhi and her. She thinks of a plan. Cousin asks Purab why Disha is looking upset. Purab says he didn’t know. Cousin tells that Disha spent her childhood without her mother and today she saw her eyes empty. She asks him to move on and not to spoil his life for his past. She says you both need each other and says Disha loves you a lot. Purab gets angry and asks her to shut up. He asks her to be careful next time.
Disha is standing looking outside of window. Suhana comes to her and hugs her crying. Purab thinks about Bulbul and thinks how to forget her, she was part of my life. He thinks he wants to keep Disha happy, but can’t love her. He thinks he still feels pain of losing Bulbul. He thinks Disha has adjusted with him and thinks why he is punishing Disha. Disha comes and asks him to have food. She sees wound on his palm and gets concerned. She puts ointment on his hand. Song plays…. They have an eye lock.
Snake charmer meets Simonika and says it is very difficult to handle this snake. He tells that it is very poisonous. Simonika says she will take him there and asks him to make the snake reach the room. Snake charmer asks her to maintain distance with the snake.
Pragya tells Abhi that she wants to talk to him. Abhi says he don’t want to talk to her. Just then Pragya spots the snake and gets scared and worried…

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