Kundali Bhagya Episode 40 Update on Friday 19th January, 2018

Sarla says God has always thought good about her daughters. She was so worried for Pragya once and then Abhi entered her life. Same would happen to Preeta. She says Rishab and Karan are good at their place. Dadi suggests about a toss. Shrishti comes outside appreciating Dadi’s idea. It was decided, head for Rishab and tail for Karan. But the coin stood straight instead, giving no result. Preeta comes there but they all make up it was nothing. She turns with a bag of tomatoes which spill from her hand. She turns around, Karan stood at the door. Shrishti cheers watching him, Preeta sends her inside but Dadi comes to take Karan inside. Karan speaks to Dadi for a while, Preeta interferes why he came here. Dadi goes to get tea for him. Karan tells Preeta he came to fry her brain, but then she has
no brain. He says he came with Rishab, Preeta was excited to hear about him and welcomes him inside. Rishab asks Preeta about Dadi’s reports. Preeta goes inside to get them. Shrishti comes out and tells Rishab she lost the bed, Dadi said Karan came with Rishab as she had heard his voice, she likes it. Rishab goes to kitchen to meet Dadi.
Karan comes to Preeta’s room. Karan says he came to meet her, and Preeta would now announce this all in her neighborhood. Preeta asks if he has seen himself in the mirror, can’t he understand she isn’t interested in his at all. She opens the wardrobe, then shuts it. Karan comes to forcefully looks inside where there was his photo pasted. She explains there is Abhi’s photo as well, Shrishti is their fan. Rishab comes to the room. Preeta qualifies Karan is a nice guy, but she hasn’t seen anyone like Rishab in life. Preeta leaves, while Rishab scolds Karan for always teasing Preeta. She is a very innocent girl with good brought up.
There in the room Preeta comes to find the file, she instead finds the notice of Municipal corporation, warning Kumkum Bhagya that if they don’t pay the tax worth 50,000 the hall will be sealed. Rishab turns to leave, Dadi blesses him. Rishab greets Preeta before going, Karan stands at the door for time pass and continue knocking the door twice. When there is a knock at the door for third time, Deepak stood there smiling. Preeta comes outside and asks where he got the address. Deepak says he is her husband to be, doesn’t she feel happy. He wants her answer. Preeta says she was really busy for a few days. Deepak was angry and says he knows her intentions, she wants to get in a big fish in Mumbai. He warns Preeta this is her last chance to fulfil her father’s wish. Sarla comes outside, Deepak greets her. Shrishti comes outside and was shocked to see him. Preeta signals her and she takes Sarla inside.

Inside, Shrishti convinces Sarla that Deepak is only a temporary friend. Sarla says she doesn’t feel good about him. Shrishti was worried if Deepak is teasing Preeta. Outside, Deepak says Shrishti doesn’t have manners to treat the guests. He says he is marrying Preeta although she has nothing to give as dowry; she will owe a favor to him. Preeta asks what he would do after marriage when he behaves with her this way now. Deepak twists her arm saying she can’t leave without replying her. Shrishti comes to help Preeta, she tells Preeta that Deepak lied to her about starting a scholarship in their father’s name, he could never respect him. Deepak was speechless, while Preeta questions how dare he lied to her. She calls him a downtrodden man whom she will never marry. She blames Deepak for snatching their father from them. Deepak asks Shrishti why she interfered in the matter, she was ready to marry him but Shrishti can’t see her sister marry. Preeta slaps him and tells him to leave this place right away, before they call their mother. The girls call Sarla outside but Deepak leaves. Preeta cries while Shrishti hugs her. Shrishti says she slapped him well, and tells her to remove all his memories from her life. She needs to begin a new life.
PRECAP: Karan tells Rishab one must be angry with Preeta for this. Rishab asks why Karan is so sensitive. Karan says it’s nothing important.

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