Amaya Episode 115 Update on Saturday 13th January, 2018

Jorge finally expresses his love to Juliana and she accepts him gladly, afterwards he asks Alan for his permission to be his mom’s boyfriend and he grants it without hesitation.
The lawyer informs Mauro that he hasn’t had any news from Florencia still but he will keep him updated if anything comes up.

Cesar is furious because he believes Max took Amaya to Chiapas with premeditation and Mauro thinks he is paranoid and Cesar says if Max should touch his wife, he will kill him. In the same vein, on her part, Constanza swears to Nora that Max will never again touch Amaya because of his hatred for her for having married his brother but Nora doubts it.

Max continues to blame himself for being the cause of the accident but Amaya thinks he is not to blame himself because it was an accident and in the same vein, the family and friends try reaching to their phones to contact them but all calls fail to push through. So, Mauro calls Ivan to know if Max is there but unfortunately, they haven’t.
Father Hipolito advises Cipriano to have a DNA test made to make sure of his paternity about Mariana but he refuses to do so because he still thinks she isn’t his daughter but after supporting her till this time, she abandons him to his fate.

Aaron meets with Cipriano to compel him to accomplish the task he’s been given to plague Ulises’ farms and he is willing to do the job as perfect as possible.
Amaya finds an aloe vera plant and applies the pulp on Max’s back to heal his wounds and he does the same thing on Amaya’s foot to heal her treat to.  Amaya believes they will look for her when they see that she is not arriving for Mariana’s wedding meanwhile, Max does not think they will look for him because he told the family that he wanted to be alone.
Carolina investigates and finds out from the hotel attendant that every item of Gustavo was intact in his room except for his camera’s memory card and there, Carolina discovers that, someone might be behind his death so, she asks if she spotted anyone leaving the room or hotel when the accident happened and the lady recollects passing by a man (Aaron) on the day of the incident.
Mariana and Ivan marry before the judge, and Yaayaa advises Ulises a little before they leave the church that they are on their way. A little later, he (Ulises) arrives in a van and parks close to the church.
Lucrecia advises Cesar to kill his wife as soon as she gives him the Star Zone land and he agrees but inside he decides that he will also kill Max.

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