Kundali Bhagya Episode 34 Update on Thursday 11th January 2018

Shrishti was offensive that Preeta was taking Sarla’s side. Preeta laughs and tells her to relax and take rest. There was a phone call, it was Kritika requesting Preeta to come home, Rishab is upset and may share his worry with her.

Kareena asks Rishab why they must not tell everyone. Rishab was about to explain but Pandit ji interferes that he is right, there is some trouble in the stars. Rishab tries to explain but no one listens to him. Kareena gets a call from Sanjana (Sherlin’s mother), she gives her news about matching of birth charts.

In the room, Rishab throws the cell phone on floor. He visions Preeta in the room, selecting clothes or advising him to rest. When Preeta enters the room he had been day dreaming already, and goes to touch Preeta’s face. Preeta calls his name,
he realizes it wasn’t a day dream. Preeta asks if he is lost in Sherlin’s thoughts. Rishab gets serious, Preeta inquires why he is upset. Rishab complains Preeta didn’t share with him about Deepak, didn’t she consider him a friend. He always respected her as a friend. Preeta asks if he is angry at her. She agrees she didn’t speak about Deepak, she thought he is a chapter that has been already closed in her life.

He broke their engagement, now when he met her it seems there was no distance between them. She could never realize what’s in his heart, he had sent the proposal and it was fixed really soon. But it all changed as well. Rishab asks if she loves Deepak. Preeta says she doesn’t know about it, but she only knows about love of her father. It was his wish she marries Deepak and gets weepy remembering him. She says Rishab is lucky to have agreed to marry Sherlin, parents find their happiness in their children’s happiness; Rashi and Mr. Luthra is so excited about it, and Dadi only speaks about him and Sherlin. And they are a good couple. She assures she holds their friendship really dear, she can trust Rishab blindly and it’s because of him she also got a lot of new relations. They all consider he listens and shares with her, and she wish their friendship improves in time. She, like her mother wish he marries Sherlin really soon. Rishab who had been listening with a smile says its not good to be so good, it brings more pain than happiness. Preeta doesn’t understand. Rishab explains he was planning to delay his wedding for her, but he won’t anymore. Preeta asks if he was about to give a heart attack, Rishab says he intended to give heart. Preeta looks for a while then says it was really a good idea. She takes a leave. Rishab asks if he can come along, then corrects he would drop her outside. Preeta says she is fine, and asks him to speak to Kritika who is really worried for him.
Preeta comes out and hits Karan in the corridor. She closes his eyes while Karan holds her into his arms. He finally drops her on the floor. She shouts why did he drop her? Karan says he isn’t any servant to hold her in his arms every time. She asks for his hand in an attempt to stand up but he dodges it and laughs. Preeta was furious and stands up saying she was wrong in expecting a human behavior from a devil like him. Karan stops her saying she must understand there must be a reason of his behavior with her. Preeta says she knows already he considers her a huge fan who always wanders around him. Karan says his misunderstanding was removed the day he saw her with Rishab and Sherlin in the hotel. When she couldn’t get Karan Luthra, she went behind Rishab but Rishab chose Sherlin and is now marrying her. Both wish they could kill each other, Preeta forwards her hands to clutch Karan’s neck but stays back. Karan holds her with the wall and tells her to go on and get a chance to touch him. he smirks. Kritika watches them together and wonders what these love birds are doing.

PRECAP: Sanju stops Preeta’s way and deters her to see what he does, as her sisters sent his brother to jail.

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