Kumkum Bhagya Episode 976 Update on Thursday 11th January 2018

The Episode starts with Woman scolding the shooter. Shooter says he will kill Abhi now. Woman says many people must have seen you and took your video. Abhi says we shall stay at here. Pragya says we shall do something so that he runs away. She says she will peep outside and then you take car near him. He will get confused and then you increase the speed and drives the car fast. Abhi asks her to write Hollywood picture. Shooter thinks why everyone is coming near him and why car is coming towards him when there is nobody in the car. Abhi while resting drives the car. He same woman who is after Abhi stops people. Abhi’s car hits her. Pragya asks him to be in car and gets down the car. Shooter escapes. Pragya sees the car number. She tells Abhi that they shall take the woman to hospital. Aaliya and
Tanu are talking. Mitali tells them that Munni went with Abhi and says your chance is gone. Raj comes home.
Mitali says you came so early.

Raj jokes. Abhi brings woman home and tells Dadi that someone tried to kill him and the woman saved her life. He asks Raj to call doctor. Dadi asks Abhi to say. Abhi tells them that when he was returning from designer shop, someone shot at him, but Munni saved him. Later when shooter tries to shoot him, this woman saved me. Aaliya says you shall take security. Pragya says she already informed Police. Doctor comes and checks the woman. Dadi tells Munni that because of her, Abhi is attacked. Dasi also taunts her and asks her to go. Abhi thinks about Pragya saving him, and thinks why did Munni protect me today. He looks at fuggi toy and says your lookalike behaved like you and saved us. She was shouting at me and scolding me like you. He thinks she is not that bad and thinks why did she come in his house and with which motive.

Pragya thinks nothing shall happen to this woman. Doctor says she is better and gives prescription to Pragya. Pragya asks can I meet her? Doctor says yes. Dasi tells Dadi that Munni is trying to be good. Woman gains consciousness. Pragya asks are you fine? Woman says she is fine and tells her name Simonika. She asks why did you bring me here. Pragya says I am Abhishek Mehra’s wife and you got hit by his car. Simonika says it was because of her mistake. Pragya gives her water and thanks her for saving Abhi. Simonika acts to be good. Pragya thanks her again. Woman says I have to go for interview and acts as if she can’t stand. She tells that she has applied for secretary’s job and says if I don’t get job then..Pragya says you can work here as secretary for my husband Abhishek Mehra. Simonika gets happy knowing Abhi’s name, and thanks Pragya. She says she is in need of job and her family is dependent on her. Pragya asks her to rest for now. Simonika thanks her again.
Mitali tries to hear pragya and simonika’s conversation. Pragya comes out and asks Mitali to make soup for her. Abhi comes and asks how is she? Pragya says she is better and got consciousness. She says she is fine, but got worried as she couldn’t go to her interview because of us, and that’s why I gave her job of your secretary. Abhi says my secretary. Pragya says you needs secretary, even Purab is not here. Abhi says I am hakka bakka/surprise and says you are doing many works fine, and says it was unexpected. Aaliya and Tanu hear him. Tanu says she started playing her game and may she will get him. Aaliya gets tensed.

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