Kundali Bhagya Episode 30 Update Update on Friday 5th January 2018

Rishab comes downstairs for breakfast. Everyone welcomes him cheerfully. Sameer brings him an important collaboration file. Rakhi realizes Rishab was a bit tensed. Sameer leaves for office as the deal was really important for them. Rakhi wishes her son gets married soon, then hurries to take tea for Dadi. Kritika watches Rakhi leave and thinks she had to discuss about Karan and Preeta’s marriage with them. She joins the table and discuss the matter with Kareena. Kareena thinks she will never let any Luthra marry that Preeta.
Rakhi notices Rishab had forgotten a file home. Preeta arrives then, Rakhi thanks Preeta for convincing Rishab for marriage. Preeta leaves to collect Dadi’s reports. Rakhi asks her to take the file to office as Rishab forgot it home. Preeta agrees.

In the interview,
Rishab asks Deepak why he must hire him for the job. Deepak convinces he has come to Mumbai in search of hislost love, he needs the job to look for her. Rishab thinks this man is in a same condition as his, he congratulatesDeepak for the job. He instructs him to be punctual, and asks him to sign his contract with the manager outside. He asks Deepak about the name of the girl, before Deepak could tell Sameer calls Rishab for the meeting with Mr. Singhania. Deepak thinks he got the job because of Preeta. He even got the job because of her.
Preeta reaches the office and fights with the driver for change of Rs. 2. She remembers Deepak once told her not to leave the change with them.
Rakhi informs Rishab that she sent Preeta with the file he had forgotten.

Sameer was also there but Rishab was lost with the thoughts, he was happy Preeta is coming to office. He would get a chance to speak to her. Preeta enters the office and feels a little fear to go inside, then jerks the thought and moves on.
Deepak was brought to his chair. He thinks he must now find Preeta here. Preeta comes to the office, Deepakhears the voice and watches from behind the blind folds. The office assistant informs Preeta that Rishab asked her to wait for him in Rishab’s cabin. Preeta walks inside.
Deepak follows Preeta upstairs, the manager meets him on the way. He asks the manager about Preeta but he doesn’t recognize the name. Deepak thinks why a Physio would work in an event manager’s company and goes to work.

In the conference room, Sameer had some objections with the merger clients. Rishab was lost with thoughts of Preeta and thinks he would get his answers if he speaks to her for only a while.
Rakhi scolds Karan for calling Shreya by her name. She was unhappy as they were frank. Kareena calms her down and reminds her about arranging something to eat for Sherlin. Karan tells Sherlin her mother is more of a grandmother, and grandmother is more of a friend.
Mr. Singhania complains their shares have decreased in the market. Rishab says he has to leave and dismiss the meeting for today. Mr. Singhania stops Rishab and says he is investing millions, he needs answers to his question. Rishab warns he would now forget that Mr. Singhania is his client. He leaves the office. Sameer wonders why Rishab is so confused.

Sherlin speaks to Kareena if she has spoken to her mother. Kareena tells Sherlin that she and her mother have been best friends, she will always be with her; she must say what’s in her heart fearlessly.
Sherlin discuss with Kareena that there is something between Rishab and Preeta. Kareena says there is nothing from Rishab’s side. Sherlin discusses she is sure there is something. Kareena recalls about Kritika’s words, and assures Sherlin that Rishab is considerate about people. There is nothing from Rishab’s side. She assures no one in the house goes against her wish.
There was a thunderstorm outside. In the office, Preeta was worried whether to leave or not. Rishab stood at the office door, nervous to speak to Preeta.

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