Veers update Friday 21 April 2017

  • Ranvijay defends his action of revealing the truth to Harmeet.
  • Gunjan wishes to accompany Ranvijay to the market.
  • However, Ranvijay takes Veera, along with him.
  • Baldev becomes jealous on learning about Ratan’s success.
  • Ratan asks Veera to get Balwant’s signature on few documents.
  • Veera finds out that Baldev had ruined their embroidered clothes.
  • On following Ratan’s advice, Veera fills Baldev’s bag with fruits and returns it to him.
  • Ranvijay falls asleep, while waiting for Gunjan.
Episode starts with gunjan wakes up in the room and gets letter. She reads the letter or get the gift. she came to downstairs and ask about ranveer. Chaiji says, he gone to farmland. Veera and biji came and tell the good news that dalveer has given his free rooms in dhaba. Everybody inaugrates their work at dhaba. Baldev friends inform to baldev about ladies work at dhaba. Baldev gets frustrated and says to his biji about work.

Biji tells an idea to break the unity. bansari ji says to ladies that ratan is giving 300 rs to her friends. Baldev reaches to dalveer dhaba and injure to veera.
Ranveer calls veera for meal, veera says, i will take my meal later then ranveer gives meal to veera and gunjan calls him with her bangles sound. Veera heard the sound and says to ranveer, where is this sound coming, gunjan hide herself. Baldev came down to veera home.
Baldev reaches at veera’s room. As gunjan take side, baldev run away from there and he also gets injured. he reaches at home and see that bansari ji is waiting for him. baldev says, why are waiting for me. Bansari ji says, i cant wait for morning.
Baldev says, how you can say it from belief. Ladies will ask from ratan about their salary. Gunjan goes to meet ranveer and spent some time with him.
Precap:- Balwant tayaji says, i asked about my friend for you. Baldev says, i will become sarpanch


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