Kumkum Bhagya Episode 999 Update on Tuesday 13th February 2018

The Episode starts with goons asking other goons to bring Disha. Sangram asks them to get Disha there. Purab says he can’t let Disha marry him and says she is his wife, warns him that if he do anything with her then he will kill him. Sangram says she will marry me soon and asks him not to threaten him. Purab gets tensed.
Abhi says he wants to kill these goons. Disha says you said you will think of some idea. Goon gains consciousness. Abhi aims gun at him and asks them not to give him ideas. He threatens the goon and asks him not to shout as bullet will be inside, and his life will be out. Disha says what a dialogue. Goon says Sangram is waiting for bride and if she don’t go down then he will come up. You have no option.

Abhi says you are right and says we will give him bride. Pragya

asks what is wrong? Abhi says he is not thinking to send Disha, but the goon. Goon says I am married. Abhi says you have married woman and now shall marry man. He says once you marry him, you will have luxurious life. Pragya says this idea will not work. Goon says right. Disha says if Sangram comes to know then he will harm Purab. Abhi says till he gets to know, we will leave from here with Purab. Abhi asks goon to get ready for marriage. Goon refuses.
Abhi asks him to get ready to die. Goon agrees to marry Sangram. Abhi asks him not to show smartless else he will kill him. Sangram asks why Disha haven’t come till now. Goon says she is not getting her dupatta. Abhi gets goon ready in bridal attire. Goon cries. Abhi asks him to cry here, but not infront of Sangram else he will shoot him. He asks him to go. Pragya says Sangram will get doubtful seeing bride coming alone. Abhi says I will go with him.
Pragya asks Abhi if he wants Sangram to catch them. Abhi says he will go wearing other goon Kale’s clothes. Disha tells Pragya that Sangram will identify she is not there. Abhi comes wearing Kale’s clothes. Pragya gets mesmerized seeing his look. Abhi asks if she fell in love with her. Sangram waits for Disha as Pandit asks him to marry before rahukaal starts. Abhi brings goon in bridal clothes and asks him to walk like a woman. Sangram scolds him thinking as goon and asks him to take her to mandap. Abhi says yes bhai ji. Purab calls Disha. Disha and Pragya get worried. Pragya says Abhi does what he decides. Other goon tells Sangram that you will be married. Purab asks Sangram not to marry Disha. Pandit says if there is noise then how I will tell the mantra. Sangram asks his goons to tie Purab in upstairs room. Abhi thinks to tell Purab somehow that Disha is safe.
While Sangram is marrying the goon, another goon gets doubtful and asks Abhi to stop.

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