Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1014 Update on Tuesday 6th March 2018

The Episode starts with Abhi seeing mole on Pragya’s back and says she is my Pragya, my fuggi. Pragya goes to changing room and thinks it is difficult to hide my identity from him. Abhi knocks on the door. Tanu calls Aaliya and asks her to come to hospital. Aaliya asks if you are a kid and asks her to take medicine and come home. Tanu tells her that Pragya is alive and is playing big game with us. Aaliya says you have reached wrong doctor. Tanu says the woman in the house is Pragya. Aaliya says no. Tanu says I will prove and asks her to wait. She calls her on video call and asks her to check on her screen. Aaliya is shocked to see Munni on bed. Tanu says she is Munni since a month and says the woman romancing bhai is Pragya. Aaliya thinks I have to see live telecast here. Purab says don’t know
if he saw mole or not. Disha says he couldn’t execute a small plan. Purab says it is not easy to convince girl. Disha says I have rolled many papads to convince you. Dadi comes there and says I have important work for you. She shows the gift and says it is your birthday gift. Disha says you are advance and brought gift in advance. She says what I shall buy. Dadi says you yourself is gift for Purab. Abhi comes there. Purab asks if the matter is solved.
Abhi says his birthday party. Dadi says birthday party will happen and there will be surprise gift for everyone. Dadi asks why gift for everyone. Abhi says it will be surprise for everyone. Dadi asks her to tell what is the surprise. Abhi says it is a secret. Dadi goes. Abhi tells Disha that he got his fuggi back, but now he wants to hear from her mouth. Purab asks how you will do. Abhi says I will make her helpless to accept that she is my fuggi. Aaliya thinks she has to find out if she is Pragya or Munni. Pragya comes there and asks what you were doing here. Aaliya says she came to see her and says she will tell when right time comes. She thinks if I tell her that I will not know about double role secret. Pragya asks what you were doing here and says your eyes are giving statement against your words. She says if you do anything or hurt chutka chutki then she will not leave her. Aaliya says tomorrow my turn will come and says when I play the game, I don’t let others think. Pragya thinks if she came to know about munni or chutka chutki.
Simonika thinks she is close to her aim and Abhi is close to his death. She says before his performance ends, he will die. She says my Dushyant’s soul will feel peace with his death. She gets Abhi’s call and says I can’t tell that you have a long life. She says lets talk and picks the call. Abhi asks her to reach home at 8 am. Simonika thinks how she can go as there is bomb in the house, and says she will meet him day after tomorrow. Abhi says I need your help for Purab’s birthday. Simonika says I will reach there. Abhi thinks he will unite with Pragya. Simonika thinks she will celebrate after his death. Aaliya comes to hospital and says I can’t believe this. Aaliya says she is Pragya at home.
Tanu says when we were exposing Munni, and she had problem in getting his signatures on property papers. She says Pragya had saved Abhi from snake poison and made you fool. Aaliya says there are small moments when I praise you, and says we have to make her conscious anyhow. She says Munni will bat against Pragya. She says when she came last in Mehra house, she was hiding her truth. Tanu says she might have known our plan. Aaliya says destiny is with us now and we came to know big secret. She says Pragya must have got Munni meet with an accident. Aaliya says we have to take her as real Pragya and will make real fake as Munni and kick her out.
Abhi comes to his room and smiles showering flowers.
Pragya asks why is he happy? Abhi says Purab’s birthday is here and we will celebrate it, along with your birthday. Pragya says I have no birthday tomorrow. Abhi says you will know tomorrow. Pragya thinks whatever he thinks will be good.
Aaliya asks Doctor and asks him to make Munni come out of coma. Doctor says they tried their best. Aaliya asks him to say treatment procedures. Doctor says she can get fine by electric shock, but there is a risk. Aaliya offers him his own hospital. Doctor scolds her and asks her to leave. The staffs throw them out. Tanu says I will sue this hospital. Aaliya is seated on the bench. A man thinks they are beggars and give money. Tanu gets angry. Aaliya says we have to burn the hospital, everyone will run to save their lives and we will save Munni and take her to Mehra mansion.
Aaliya says we have to arrange a doctor who agrees to us, once we get him, then Munni will gain consciousnessand we will use her as jackpot. Abhi looks at Pragya’s mole. Pragya smiles

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