Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1013 Update on Monday 5th March 2018

The Episode starts with Disha asking Pragya to take the vegetable dish. Pragya refuses. Disha throws it on her dress intentionally. Pragya goes to clean it. Purab asks Abhi to go to Pragya. Abhi comes to Disha and asks what he shall do. Disha asks him to go following Pragya and gives her dress which is open at the back. Abhi says what an idea and is about to hug her. Disha says you shall go now. Tanu says food was good. Aaliya says something was going on between Purab and Disha, and then Disha and Abhi. Tanu says lets take afternoon nap and says they might be discussing past love. Aaliya throws crystal ball on her leg mistakenly. Tanu says you have done it intentionally. Aaliya says it was by mistake. Abhi comes to room and takes out red saree for Pragya. He reminisces seeing mole on her back and
says if it is seen then she is my pragya. Pragya comes there and asks what you are doing here? Abhi says I am here now and asks her to change saree. Pragya says she has cleaned her saree. Abhi says you will get cold and asks her to wear it. Pragya thinks why he is acting sweet now. Abhi says you have done so much for me and says can’t I do this for you. He asks her not to ignore handsome’s saying and calls her beautiful. Pragya says ok and says she will wear it. Abhi thinks once she wear the saree, then I will see her back. Abhi sees the pic.
Tanu comes to the hospital to get her foot treated. Munni is also in the hospital. Tanu happens to see Munni unconscious in the hospital and goes inside. She calls her Munni and says if she is munni then who is at home, Pragya.
Abhi decorates the room and waits for Pragya. Pragya comes to room and sees it decorated. Hua hainaaj…plays…He asks her to come and then asks her to go. Pragya says sometimes you are impossible. He holds her face and says my heart says that you are my fuggi. Pragya says I told you many times that I am not pragya. Abhi says moon is known by its name and says when I touch you, I feel my moon light. Pragya says I am Munni. Abhi says this means you don’t love me. Pragya says she don’t love him. Abhi says then you shall not be affected if I come closer to you. Pragya says she will not. He says you shall not feel the touch. Pragya says she will not. Allah wariyan plays…Tanu thinks to inform Aaliya that the woman inside the house is Pragya. Nurse comes and asks do you know her. Tanu says I don’t know her and asks what happened to her. Nurse says she is in coma since a month. Tanu thinks what is her plan to stay at home as Munni. Aaliya sees Abhi romancing with Pragya and thinks munni is leaving no chances to get closer to him. Abhi kisses on her cheeks. Pragya pushes him.
Tanu shows Munni to Aaliya on video call. Aaliya gets shocked seeing Munni and Pragya.

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