Gangaa Episode 75–76 Update on Friday 2nd March 2018

Ganga asks Master ji if she is ready to give entrance exam. Master ji shakes his head. not yet! Ganga retorts that she completed all the lessons. I dint leave any of them. Tiwari tells Niru that Ganga is doing her best. Sagar’s school is the best school of the city. You know that computer literacy is important too. One must learn every key’s function. Ganga too will have to learn computers and it will take approx a week’s time. Ganga is not scared of learning it. Sagar too would have learnt it. Why can’t I learn it? Niru smiles proudly. He leaves for court. Ganga notices Sagar looking at her.
In morning, Madhvi offers to bring milk for Ganga while she is studying. Ganga wants to do ganga snan first. Ganga is memorizing counting while returning home. This irks Amma ji.
Ramayan paath starts at home. Sudha and Pishi Ma too come over. Omkar eyes Sudha. She sits down next to Omkar. Omkar keeps his hand over hers and acts as if it happened by coincidence. Sudha is irked nonetheless. They start the puja. Tiwari ji reaches home with the help of the stick. Ganga is learning the table of 15. Tiwar ji smiles. Ganga points out that he was 5 minutes late. He knew that she will be waiting. I dint even sit for the puja. She excitedly shows him her homework. I couldn’t understand a few sums. I was sleepy so I left them. I will do them right away. He has something else in mind. Tiwari ji has brought his laptop. He teaches her how to use it. Ganga calls it magic box but he corrects her that it is laptop. She finds it a big difficult to handle but he explains her once again. You will learn if you practise. She doesn’t have a laptop. He offers to bring his laptop daily. She smiles. The class gets over. She asks him if using this laptop is really important for her test. We have very less days. How will I learn it? He assures her that she will learn it in time. He leaves. Ganga gets tensed. How will I get admitted in Sagar’s school if I don’t practise what Master ji had told him! I will have to practise in Sagar’s laptop. She tries to recall but skips a point or two. I will have to practise. Master ji comes only for an hour. What all will I learn in an hour! Sagar too has a similar laptop. I will use it. It will help me.
Yash is waiting for Sagar. Ganga comes there looking for Sagar. She pronounces it wrongly but knows the spelling correctly. He gets angry that she is learning fast and pushes Ganga. Sagar comes there just then. Sagar scolds Yash for pushing Ganga. He helps Ganga. Her elbow has been hurt. Are you alright? Yash calls Ganga mad. She wants your laptop. Sagar tells him not to meddle in his affairs. He turns to Ganga. Why do you want my laptop? Ganga replies that she has to practise. Sagar cannot give his laptop to Ganga before Yash or he too will ask for it. Plus I am upset with her. Why should I give it to her? Ganga asks Sagar for his laptop. I will take good care of it. He declines. It is very expensive. They both bicker. Why did you pick me up then? You could have let me on the floor. He agrees not to do it in future. She too doesn’t need his help. I will get up on my own. Sagar tells Yash to play. Yash gets excited thinking that Sagar will give him his laptop as he knows how to use it but Sagar tells him against it.
Yash decides to teach a lesson to Sagar. He goes inside on the pretext of drinking water.
Ganga sits down with Amma ji in the puja. Yash runs upstairs. Yash does something in Sagar’s laptop. Sagar is so arrogant that his father brought this laptop for him. Ganga mentally apologizes to God. I love puja’s but I have to study too. She notices Amma ji whose eyes are closed. She begins to go up when Mehri stops her. Amma ji has said that there will be no studies today. Go give this milk to Sagar. Prabha calls out for Yash. Yash runs downstairs.
Ganga comes to Sagar’s room but he isn’t there. She notices the laptop and smiles. She is about to touch it but stops thinking of Sagar’s reaction. I will not Sagar’s things without asking him. But I can do my work without using my hands. She brings a paper and makes a photo of the keyboard. Yash returns. He is angry to see her there. She shares that she only came to keep the glass of milk. He yet again calls her thief but she tells him against it. She couldn’t complete the pic but its halfway done. Amma ji asks Ganag where she is coming from. She doesn’t mind it as Ganga was helping Mehri and not studying. Ganga keeps the paper next to her and looks at it. She smiles looking at it as the alphabets come alive in her imagination. Amma ji gets curious but Ganga dismisses it. She hides the paper. What a great idea that was! I dint even touch Sagar’s laptop and my work finished.
Yash enjoys using laptop. Something pops up and then it switches off on its own. Yash panics. Did I do something wrong? Sagar wont spare me if anything happens to his laptop / finds this.
Sagar enters inside the house and heads for his room. Yash continues to try but in vain. Sagar reaches his room.
The puja comes to an end. Ganga too wants to do aarti. I will ask God to make me clear the test.
Omkar does aarti after Madhvi and Pulkit. Sudha almost trips and he holds her. He gives the aarti thaal to her and Pishi Ma. Sudha is uncomfortable around him. Ganga is about to take the thaal but Prabha takes it just then. Amma ji sends Ganga upstairs to call Sagar. He is the son of the house. He should do it first.
Sagar and Yash are heading downstairs only when Ganga comes up. They leave. Ganga looks at the laptop. She takes out the paper. I couldn’t complete it back then because of Yash. Now I should do it. It’s closed. She recalls how Master ji had taught her to open the lid. I only have to note down to write everything. I can do my work by only opening the lid. She does so and begins to write. It starts making noise suddenly. Ganga gets tensed. I dint even touch it and it started on its own? She punches the keys to stop the noise and it stops. She wonders if something went wrong because of her. She punches more keys but it’s all black now. I ruined his laptop. Sagar will get angry. She keeps on punching more keys but in vain. She remembers Sagar telling her off. Sagar had told me and Yash not to touch it. babu brought it with so much love. Sagar keeps it so carefully but I ruined it. She hears Sagar’s voice. He is coming upstairs with Yash. Sagar tells Yash to come. I will show you games in my laptop. Ganga is hiding behind the bed. She prays to God to set the laptop right or maybe Sagar doesn’t open it. Yash is also scared that Sagar will find out about his mischief. He makes lame excuses. Sagar is surprised. How come you are talking so intelligently now? Yash lies. Ganga is in thoughts too. Yash never listens to anyone. Oh, maybe God gave him some sense to help me. Yash and Sagar go out of the room.
Sagar tells Pulkit and Babli that Yash was against playing games on computer. They sit down to play truth and dare. It is Pulkit’s turn first. Babli asks him what he regrets doing the most in his life. Pulkit says I hurt papa by showing him that fake mark sheet. I wanted a bike but now he doesn’t even talk to me because of what I did. It is Yash’s turn next. He takes dare. He has to dance like Salman Khan. Yash enacts likes Salman Khan. Ganga looks on. The kids enjoy. The bottle stops at Sagar. Babli notices Ganga. She invites Ganga to play. Ganga and Sagar look at each other. Ganga declines to play. I will look from here. Sagar chooses truth. Pulkit decides to play a rapid fire round. His many answers revolve around Ganga. Sagar smiles up thinking about how he had ran away from the school to play cricket with Ganga. He takes Ganga’s name when asked about his best friend. Ganga smiles broadly. Pulkit and Babli smile as well. Sagar realises what he just said. Ganga feels guilty. He thinks of me as his best friend yet I damaged his laptop. Yash points out that Sagar will take Shruti’s name. Sagar repeats after him. I took someone’s name by mistake. Yash smirks. Sagar leaves from there.
Amma ji returns to her room. She has back pain. She tells Madhvi not to get up from the paath. Amma ji tells Ganga not to make any noise. I have to sit back in the paath again. She lies down to take some rest. Ganga arranges her bedding. Sagar is really upset with me because of which he changed his statement. I know I am his best friend which is why he took my name. I know it. I dint share with Sagar that I damaged his laptop. I should only set it right or Sagar will be troubled. I wont trouble him.
Next morning, the Ramayan paath continues. Omkar and Sagar go to the market to bring something for the puja. Ganga decides to get Sagar’s laptop perfect. Amma ji sends Ganga to help Maharaj ji instead. Ganga takes a tray full of tea cups and goes to give them to the guests. Ganga requests God to do something. It is really important for me to go. Someone calls out from outside. The kid is hungry. Priest tells Amma ji not to send anyone back hungry from their door today. Madhvi gives food and blanket to the kid. The kid wants more for his parents and siblings. Ganga gets an idea to do both the tasks in one go. She tells Amma ji about the kid’s wish. Amma ji allows her to go to the temple where the kid’s family is! Ganga makes Maharaj ji keep some food in a big basket. She runs upstairs to Sagar’s room. She keeps the laptop inside and covers it with colourful covering paper. Amma ji notices her. Where is such a small girl taking such a big basket to? She smartly replies that she must make big donations to get more blessings. Amma ji peeks at the basket and then nods. She leaves. Amma ji smiles. The parents of the kids bless Ganga. She picks up the laptop and looks for a repairing shop. She asks a random guy and he guides her.
Ganga asks shopkeeper to do her work fast. She mutters that no one else has made some excuses to Amma ji. What if he finishes my work first! The guy checks the laptop. The hardware has crashed. The repairs will cost around 70k. Ganga is shocked.
Precap: Mehri tells everyone that Ganga ran away. Amma ji announces that she wont allow Ganga back inside the house if she wont return before the evening puja.

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