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Highlights From the CHASS Conference in Kumasi

  1. Student Transfers:
    There is no ban on transfers. The condition is that the student should seek assurance from the new school, if there is a vacancy. The student must clear all debts and release any school item in his possession. When everything is done the headmaster should officially write to GES for the student information to be transferred to the new school. Free SHS Day student should remain Day in another school; a boarder as a boarder, but a boarder can be given a day status if he so wishes.

  2. Repetition:
    Repetition of student is allowed but there must be an evidence of remedial help for the student. If the student is still not copping with the academic work, he could be repeated. The parent of the child must be informed and GES must be written to for approval.

  3. Food Supply to Schools
    Headmasters are to ensure proper supervision of Matrons and Store Keepers to avoid theft. Under no circumstance should a headmaster complain about substandard or under-weight food items since they have the liberty to check when being delivered. Supplies will be done two weeks before school reopens.

  4. Core Textbooks:
    Core textbooks stolen or defaced must be replaced by the student. It must be collected at the end of every academic year. Parents must be encouraged to provide Elective textbooks for their wards.

  5. Core Literature Books:
    They must be given to the students to use. GES will provide core Literature books to students every academic year.

  6. Staff Motivation Fund:
    Staff motivation is for both teaching and non-teaching staff. Henceforth, staff motivation is not money to be shared by teachers but money to be worked for. It should be based on work done.

  7. Third Year Admission:
    No headmaster should admit a student in SHS 3 class.

  8. The Double Track System:
    The track system is now Green (for the first years in Track 1) and Gold/Yellow (for the first years in Track 2) to avoid one tract being superior to the other.

  9. PE Kits Colours:
    Heads appealed to government to supply more than four colours of the PE kits because the houses are many.

  10. Sexual Harassment in Schools:
    Heads were urged to be more vigilant on sexual offences in our schools as there has been an upsurge increase.

  11. Provision of Sick Bays:
    GES is in talks with Ghana Health Service to provide health services to the schools.

  12. Maths and Science Quiz:
    The GES will release certain percentage of the amount retained in the headquarters to the schools.

  13. Time Table
    All the schools will be trained on the new time table. Every school is to have 7/8 hours a day. 35/40 hours a week.
    • Maths – 4 hours per week
    • English – 4 hours per week
    • Science – 3 hours per week
    • Social Studies – 2 hours per week.

  14. Cultural Fee:i
    Some portion must be paid to District and Regional offices.

  15. Recurrent Fees:
    Heads were given evidence of all monies paid by the Free SHS Secretariat for their perusal. Most of them were satisfied. Which has helped put to rest the controversy of ‘we don’t know the components of the money paid to us”.

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