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Fighting Corruption: CHRAJ Boss Calls On Public To Volunteer Information. 

Fighting Corruption: CHRAJ Boss Calls On Public To Volunteer Information. 

Fighting Corruption: CHRAJ Boss Calls On Public To Volunteer Information. 



The Western north regional commissioner for the Commission on Human Rights And Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) Mr Ntaa Kumi has charged the public to volunteer information of corrupt practices and offences to the office for onwards actions to be taken against such officials.


He suggested to the public during an interview with the press that they should have the freedom to report wrong doings, infringement, and administrative injustice for investigations and punishment.


The CHRAJ was given the duty to follow the laws that have been created for the Human rights mandate, Anti-corruption mandate, and Administrative Justice mandate. Additionally, the public needs to be aware of where to submit their grievances for a swift response.


Mr Ntaa Kumi observed that it is illegal to pay money to police officers to be granted bail, but that all that is needed is for someone to sign a bond as a surety for the person seeking bail.


“I will appeal to the public to provide information about corruption, human rights, and administrative justice to our offices for investigation and punishment.” There is no need to pay money for bail at the police station, yet some individuals are duped into doing so. “I will urge everyone to take notice,” he said.

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In continuation of the tale, he emphasised that the office is now facing severe issues in terms of resources to accomplish their job. However, they praised their commissioner general for always being on top of things.


“The official car here is in poor condition. We hold education sessions for police personnel on a regular basis. Long drives to conduct official tasks in this car might be difficult at times. We have requested assistance from the authorities.”


He used the occasion to urge individuals, public and private authorities, to refrain from infringing on the rights of others, as the law forbids it.


“Right existed before the world was created. We all have rights, but I shall implore citizens, particularly those in public and private offices, to respect the rights of all individuals in order to avoid difficulties,” he said.

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