Doli Armaano Ki Episode 282–283 Update on Tuesday 6th January 2018

Scene 1:
Location: In the marketplace
Urmi and ishaan wait anxiously for someone to arrive. just then, mukti comes asking what was he called for, as shashi almost caught him today when he was going out, and he managed to come giving some excuse. urmi tells him about a particular location, in samrat’s almirah, where the fir and the newspaper reports of the complaint, that urmi had filed against samrat, when he had beaten her for thr first time ruthlessly, and asks him to get them for her, as its very important, as they are gathering evidences against samrat, for the final hearing tomorrow. Mukti says that he cant get it even if he wants to. urmi is boggled, and asks why. He says that the house is under renovation, the almirahs are under locks, and that most of all, samrat has installed CCTV xcameras in the house, and ishaan wonders how he got the idea, and concludes it was from his warning. mukti apologises and begs to go, and they both ask him to go relaxed, after they thank him for this info. After he leaves, urmi says that all doors are closing, and what would happening now. Ishaan says that this is an oppurtunity, and any of his recorded doing or saying, and particularly what he and radha did, in his room, shall be sufficient evidence. She is shocked, but then asks who would get this footage.
Scene 2:
Location: Registrar Office
A foolish shashi signs off the haveli to the prospective client, at a meagre amount, of 20lkhs as decided, while they are happy, they got a haveli worth 1 crore atleast, at a meagre amount. She asks for the remaining black money, amounting 80lakhs. they signal each other, to pull off the final part of their forgery. Shashi is given a huge bag, and as she begins to inspect it, the lawyer asks her not to open the bag, in front of everyone, as its Blackmoney, and that they all shall be implicated if the police sees it, and if a thief sees it, then they would lose their lives too with the money. they are happy that they successfully ciommitted fraud with that lady. she agres to go home and count the money. They both hastily leave. Shshi is however overjoyed thinking that her luck has changedovernight, and that she shall rule.
Scene 3:
Location: Annu’s residence
Anu is dreaming on, of her marriage with ishaan, and thinks that he should come soon, so that they can talk to his parents, as she has never had a talk with them. He arrives, and she gets excited. he asks whats the matter, as she wanted to meet him. She asks him to sit and relax first. She says that she has to finalise things about the marriage. He says that there’s the hearing tomorrow, and he is very tensed, so this can wait. she says that this too is equally important. She asks if he had a talk with his parents at home. He asks what about. she asks about her marriage with him. he is shell shocked, and asks who told her that they are going to get married. now she is shocked, as she is unable to believe, whats happening. she composes herself, and wonders who else is marrying her, as she was supposed to marry him. He says that he has never said that, and maybe she misunderstood, and that they are, and shall forever be good friends. she starts guffawing loudly, trying hard to conceal her pain. She says that she was just making a joke out of him. he asks hr if she has gone mad, while she desperately tries to present it as a joke. he is tensed, thinking that she severely misunderstood. He asks her to leave, as he is tensed for tomorrow’s hearing, and he doesnt have time for her jokes. she complies, but is shocked, at what she just went through, as ishaan gets busy in his work. She goes inside.
In her room, annu is shocked and apalled, and distraught, as she remembers her moments with ishaan. gaurav hollers for her, and she composes herself. He shows her pictures of prospective grooms, and gives their background, while she hears shocked. He asks her to select one, and then they shall move ahead to talk. she says that all are good, and they can selct anyone. He places her priorities, while she tries hard to smile, concealing her pain. He says that he would want her ideally to marry in Jhansi, so that she stays near them. She hugs him, crying, saying that if they think he is okay, then they can final the descision. He sys that she wont be away, and hence she doesnt need to, cry, as she would be here with them only.
Scene 4:
Location: Guesthouse
Radha thinks that a nice man like samrat has to face suhc trouble for such an evil wife, and that tomorrow when he gets the divorce, he would be rid of all his problems, and then she shall prove to be an ideal wife, and not let him go through any pain, and shall idolise and worship him, and that now she shall become his. She kisses his pic, and then shys away. She is shocked to find kanchan standing on her head, fuming with rage. kanchan eyes her angrily, and then slaps her tight across the face. radha is hurt and in tears. kanchan asks how could she do this, in her own house, and did exactly what she was told not to do, and that now she is even dreaming of him, and that she proved that noone should be helped, as it always ends in trouble. radha tries to speak, but kanchan shuts her up, and that she shall go tomorrow, to her village, by the first train. Radha asks her not to do so tomorrow. Kanchan asks her not to say a word, and that she would herself send her to that train, and till then she shall stay in her room only. radha tries to speak, but she shuts her up, saying that she doesnt want any trouble, in this house, and warns her not to even talk to samrat. she takes her away.
Scene 5:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Shaurya asks ishaan is its the final hearing tomorrow. Shaurya asks ishaan if they shall win tomorrow. He assures him that they shall win, then he shall take him. ishaan assures that wont happen. Shaurya says that if they dont win, then samrat will, and then he would have to stay with his father, which he wont, as he shall run away, because he just wants to live with his mother. Ishaan keeps assuring him. But he is speechless, when shaurya keeps asking what if samrat wins. he hugs him. The screen freezes on his tensed face.
Scene 1:

Location: Jhansi Court
A lady from the modelling industry, comes in, and advertises the ZEE DHAMAKA, and then also wishes him the best of luck, for his peculiar case that he is handling. He thanks and leaves. grannny and all others compose urmi that nothing wrong would happen, as she has never done anything wrong. Ishaan calls and asks gaurav if the work got done or not. He denies, and says that he would manage. Ishaan insists that he wont be able to drag time in the court, and would need the evidence soon. gaurav assures that he would arrive on time. As ishaan comes, urmi asks if radha shall come, and he assures that she shall, and asks her to hope for the best, and asks her to think, that the new year shall bring lots of happiness for her, just like shaurya wanted. All smile while urmi is tensed.

Samrat arrives, and he finds that the judge too just go tdown from the car. He goes to greet him, and tries to initiate a converstion with him. He asks the judge how could he not remember him, as he is the one fighting for the divorce, and the custody, and stealhily hints at the bribe too. the judge just nods and goes inside. Samrat is confident, and thinks that he is acting, so as not to arouse suspicion, just like niranjan. He smiles and hopes that the judge gives the descision in his favour fast.
Inside, the atmosphere is tensed, as they wait for the judge to begin with the proceedings. He starts and says that he is going to deliver a verdict today. He asks the lawyers, if they want to still say anything else in their favour. Niranjan says that he doesnt want to, and asks the judge to give the evidence. ishaan is asked, and he says that he wants to produce some solid evidences, but demands for some more time. urmi wonders neither gaurav has come nor radha, and god knows what would happen. Niranjan says that it all is his manipulation to waste the precious time of the court, and asks him to not delay the descision. the judge asks again, and ishaan emphasises that this is really urgent, as the solid evidence is on the way. he urges for a phone call, and is allowed one. All sit tensed. Ishaan calls up mukti, and is told that radha went to her village in the morning, and kanchan went to leave her. he is shocked, and tells this to urmi and others too who are disheartened. niranjan passes a snide comment, and ishaan asks him to shut up. Niranjan tries to say that all is done, and they are again wasting the time, but ishaan pleads for somemore time, as its the case of a child’s life forever. The judge gives him ten minutes, and then adds that if ishaan doesnt present anything by then, the court shall give its verdict. all wait for the time to pass. urmi and her family gets tensed, as the clock starts ticking. ishaan desperately hopes that atleast gaurav should come. The judge says that his allotted time is over, and that he would hve to give the verdict now, since noone turned up at his side. niranjan says that this all was a contempt of court, and asks him to give the descision. As all wait with bated breaths, the judge starts giving out his verdict, that after much evidences and testimonies, and having taken an observant look at all the proceedings, its been decided that the custody of the child, shaurya shall go to ….and all wait for him to speak the name, while samrat sits overconfident, that he has bought the judge’s verdict. Just then, ishaan spots someone coming in, and asks him to wait for the final time as his evidence has arrived. all are shocked, while samrat and niranjan are stunned, to watch kanchan coming in with radha, and her head hung low. Niranjan wonders whats this new drama. Samrat asks whats he trying to do, and ishaan says that they are just evidences, and ask him to wait and watch, as he would get to know. Samrat asks kanchan whats this happening, and why is radha here. Ishaan and urmi are amused at his plight, and ask him to sit down and not let it affect the court’s proceedings. Radha is asked to go in the witness box. She takes the oath of truth. niranjan asks ishaan who is this new bought evidence, and he asks him to be patient, and not like his client, as he would get to know. Niranjan quitens. ishaan asks radha to introduce herself, and she hesitates. When ishaan insists, radha blurts out that she is samrat’s wife. samrat is distraught, while niranjan is stunned, and all others are surprised. Ishaan pretends to be ignorant, as to how she can be his wife, as urmi is samrat’s wife. She says that urmi was his wife, but today she is samrat’s wife. kanchan stands tensed. samrat sits hopeless. Ishaan says that this all is very confusing, and asks about her relation with samrat’s family. She says that she is kanchan’s cousin sister. ishaan asks how long and why is she staying in samrat’s place. she narrates the entire story, as to how she landed up in samrat’s place. ishaan sympathises for her father’s loss, and asks if she came here after that. radha complies. ishaan then asks about her marriage with samrat. Radha complies this too. Ishaan says that a married man cant marry till the divorce doesnt happen. radha says that she knows, and that samrat married her in hiding, and that when he got divorced, he promised that he shall marry her. Samrat says that this all is a lie, and ishaan asks him not to speak a word, and sit down. The judge too warns samrat. he sits down nervously. Ishaan asks her to elaborate on the marriage. She then also talks about thge pheras that she took, and the mangalsutra that she adorns, while samrat wonders whats all this. Niranjan eyes samrat angrily, who is upset himself. ishaan asks then that means they are a complete married couple, and hints if they consummated their marriage. urmi is in tears, while radha hesitates embarassed and mortified, but then says yes. niranjan is disappointed, while ishaan points this to samrat, and the character that this portrays. Kanchan is apalled. radha is asked if she told about this marriage to kanchan anbd she denies. Ishaan then asks what was the hurry, and why they married hastily. She says that samrat wanted to get married, and wasnt willing to wait at all. Samrat asks radha not to lie or utter another word, as this girl he doesnt know, and she is just fabricating stories. radha asks why is he saying things like this, and if she made a mistake. samrat asks her to stop this nonsense, as she is lying, and warns her not to lie again. Radha is boggled, and distraught. urmi sits stoical. all are surprised, and tensed. The judge asks him to sit down, while samrat says that they are maligning his reputation. niranjan’s promise is remembered by samrat, and he sits down. Ishaan apologises for this question, and then asks radha if they were a normal married couple. rdaha complies. He thanks her, and she gets down the witness box. Ishaan then portrays a character of samrat, that he fooled radha and fake married her, so that he could s**ually exploit her, and that he tried to malign urmi’s reputation again and again, but he himself is a lowlife. Samrat tells ishaan that he maybe urmi’s lawyer, but that doesnt give him the right, to insinuate about his character and malign him. radha is shocked to find that Ishaan is urmi’s lawyer. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

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