You Won’t Believe How Wealthy the Richest Man in Africa is!

Aliko Dangote – one of the richest people in the world. You won’t believe how much he earns every year! It’s a fantastic sum of money! Let’s take you through Dangote Net Worth and how he has earned it!
Aliko Dangote’s net worth
Aliko Dangote is the richest man on the continent of Africa. He is an experienced trader of minerals and cement.
No matter what Ali Dangote produces – it will be successful because it has his name on it. Dangote interest lies within a lot of spheres of business. It includes: Petrochemical Industries; Cement Industries; Oil and Gas; Sugar and Salt; Flour.
His grandfather – Sanusi Dantata, was a prominent business man in the city of Kano. He was the rightful up bringer of a billionaire into this world. Sanusi Danatata helped little Dangote to become a real businessman.
From a very early age, Dangote tried to sell things to people. When he was in school, he bought cartoons and sweets just to sell it to his friends at school. Therefore, even at that young age, he expressed the skills of a true business person.
Aliko Dangote is the owner and chairman of Dangote Group. The company does business in various indistries, which includes: Fabric Industry; Cement Production; Sugar Industry; Salt Extraction; Oil and Natural Gas.
“Dangote Group” is one of the largest multi-billion companies in Africa. It controls a large portion of the market in Nigeria. The political connections of its owner provide additional benefits to the business.
Forbes and Aliko Dangote
According to the Forbes, Aliko Dangote’s net worth increased in 2018. currently his estimated net worth is about $13.6 billion. He is the largest cement producer in the whole Africa. Dangote Cement produces around 44 metric tons. It plans to increase this output by 33% by 2020.
Aliko’s other activities
Aliko Dangote knows where he can find a good source of income. His interests lie not only in business but also politics. He played a major role in funding Olusegun Obasanjo re-election. He even contributed about 200 million Naira to the presidential library. This contribution was viewed as a very controversial gift.
Dangote is also a big fan of football. In 2010, there were rumors that he planned to buy a part of the English club Arsenal. Dangote denied all the rumors connected to this deal for that time. Nonetheless, in 2015, he expressed the interest to buy the Arsenal. He also stated that shortly after the purchase, he would fire Arsene Wenger.
In 2014, Nigerian Government reported that Mr. Dangote provided at least 150 million Naira to fight the Ebola virus. This news was publicized by the Business Daily Africa in August 2014. There were also reports that the Dangote Group cooperates with medical organizations to reduce the level of Ebola spreading in West Africa. It should be mentioned that the World Health Organization estimated Ebola as one of the largest threats to West Africa in 2014!
Aliko Dangote’s cars
Rich people are very soft about their toys. Aliko Dangote is not an exception. He owns the fleet of the most luxurious cars on the continent. This fleet includes: Bentleys; Buggatis; Maybach; Mercedes.
Aliko Dangote’s Mansion
Aliko Dangote Mansions in the Northern Abuja is something that you need to see at least once in your life. Mr. Dangote has been living in this house for almost thirteen years. His mansion can be compared with old luxurious palaces in France, Italy or England. The stylish furniture is something that you don’t want to scratch as it may cost millions of dollars!
Some people may say that Dangote house looks like a museum! You just don’t want to touch any of the things in the house as it may cost you a lot. Still, for Mr. Dangote, it’s just a part of life to live in a palace like that! Moreover, his family does not mind living like kings in the 21st century!
Aliko Dangote’s yacht
In 2013 our prosperous Nigerian bought a massive yacht full of modern gadgets and amenities. The price of this eye catcher is few millions, but it is not too expensive for a billionaire.
Aliko Dangote’s Private Jet
His fleet of cars is just a piece of art. Moreover, Aliko Dangote got a new super classy Bombardier’s Global Express XRS private jet! This plane can help him to reach any point in the world without any hassle!
The price for this fantastic plane starts from $45 million. It’s not just a luxury, but a necessity as Dangote needs to travel a lot to do business!
Mr. Dangote Networth is astonishing! He has almost everything that a man can have in life. It’s just splendid to see how luxurious his life is! Nevertheless, he worked hard and smart to create such a paradise for himself and his family.
What do you think about Dangote’s net worth, house, and other luxuries? What would you do if you had all these treasures?

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