Veera (Last Episode) 806 Update on Tuesday 9th January 2018

The Episode starts with doctor saying Ranvi is fine now. He says they can meet him for some time, he is weak and out of danger, he has to rest here for few days. Baldev stops Veera as her feet is hurt. She says she has to meet Ranvi. He says he will take her. Mahiya…………..plays………….. He lifts and takes her to meet Ranvi in the ward. She criesseeing Ranvi and says if anything happened to you, I would have not forgiven you ever. She hugs him and cries. Veer ki ardaas veera………….plays……….. Baldev says Ranvi don’t scare us again by getting in danger. Bansuri blesses Ranvi.
Gunjan apologizes to him, and says this night was like a life imprisonment for her, don’t make me away from you. After a month, Ranvi meets Veera and Baldev and greets them. Baldev says court did not give bail to Dilawar and decided to return your land and house. He says his house will be auctioned and Ranvi will get the share of it for his compensation. Bansuri and Gunjan welcome Ranvi and Bansuri blesses all of them. She does Ranvi’s aarti. Ranvi says I did not bring Rakhi gift. Veera hugs Ranvi and says its not needed.
Gunjan says she has to tie Rakhi to Baldev. Baldev refuses. Gunjan gets sad and says she is not a good sister. Veera asks Baldev why did he do this. Gunjan says Ranvi is not talking to me, Baldev does not want me to tie the Rakhi to him. Baldev comes to her and asks did she feel bad. He says when you cried for Ranvi, you said you will die if anything happened to him, did you think about me. She asks is he annoyed for this thing. He asks her to see Veera, she got ready to tie Ranvi, and you look a maid. She gets annoyed. He laughs and says I m joking. She stumbles and Ranvi holds her. They recall the old moments. O rabba……………plays………… Ranvi says he had forgiven her long time before, he thought to tease her. He says he loves her a lot and their love can never get less. O rabba…….plays………… They leave.


Veera asks Baldev why is he smiling standing alone. Baldev says I don’t know, when I get mad, my wife loves me more. He holds her. She says anyone will see, leave me. He says I won’t leave you till my death. Mahiya…………plays…………. Veera and Baldev have an eyelock and hug.
Gunjan does tilak and ties Rakhi to Baldev. She asks for the gift. He gives her the gift. She gets a dress and likes it. Veera ties Rakhi to Ranvi and does the tilak. FB shows their childhood rakhi moments. He gifts her. Veer ki ardaas veera………….plays……….. She sees their childhood pic and wishes Ratan was here. He says she is always with us, her memoriesand blessings will be with me. Balwant comes and tells them that Chai ji called and she said she is coming tomorrow. They get glad.
Deepu comes and hugs Ranvi. Ranvi says she looks like little Veera. Deepu says she will tie Rakhi to him and Baldev. Deepu ties the rakhi to Ranvi and Baldev.
Veera says she has a gift for them, a small baby will be coming in their life. Baldev says it means Veera is pregnant. They all get happy and smile. Gunjan says congrats Veer ji. Veera says we decided to give the baby to Ranvi and Gunjan. Bansuri happily smiles being proud of Veera. Veera says Ranvi and Gunjan will have first right on the baby. Ranvi blesses Veera and hugs her happily. Geet looks on and smiles. Balwant says if Ratan was here, she would be very happy, to see all children happy and pind getting prosperous, thank Lord.
Baldev says yes, no one will come between our family now. Ranvi says we completed our Ratan’s dreams. Veera says they will take care of pind always. Veer ki ardaas veera………….plays……….. Ranvi hugs Veera and they recall their childhood.
The show ended on a happy note with few clippings of Veera and Ranvi’s childhood moments.

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