Veera Episode 802–803 Update on Friday 5th January 2018

The Episode starts with panchayat asking Geet to go home with Dilawar. Baldev could not go against sarpanch. Veera goes against the panchayat decision and takes Geet. They all go home. Manjeet tells Dilawar that she knows what he shall do now. Geet asks Baldev to let her go with Dilawar. Balwant says he is like her father and will never send her. Bansuri says they have to obey panchayat’s decision. They all discuss to do something. Ranvi says we have to bring Dilawar’s real face infront of the panchayat. Baldev says yes, he is right. Gunjan says Dilawar is acting and we can’t expose him, we can’t send Geet.
Veera says they have to expose Dilawar tomorrow. Dilawar gets drunk and says he will show Veera, as she is keeping Geet away from him. Manjeet asks what will he do now. He says Deepu is Ranvi’s weakness, I will trouble Deepu and Geet, then control Ranvi. She asks him to take his wife home, no one can stop him. Veera and Baldev think about tomorrow, will Dilawar come? She says we have to see. She asks him not to forget he is sarpanch. He says whats use to be sarpanch, when I can’t stop a devil. She says that devil is proving himself to be innocent, he is acting very well.
She says we have to expose him and make people understand his truth. He asks her to be always with him. Music plays………… She says you won’t need me if you think and work. He says is there any moment which does not require breath, he always needs her, don’t worry, we will save Geet, the whole pind will beat Dilawar.
Its morning, Gunjan makes Deepu have food. Ranvi smiles seeing them. He looks on surprised. Gunjan sees Ranvi and smiles. He leaves. She apologizes in her heart that she did not think that giving love to a little girl can give much happiness, now I understand why he loved Deepu so much, and happily cries. Deepu asks will she has to stay with Dilawar. Gunajn says, you won’t need to. They smile.
Veera and Baldev smile seeing each other. Jaggi and Billa see their eyelock and tease Baldev. The guests come in the house. They like the arrangements of the rituals to send Geet. Bansuri says girl’s mum does this ritual. Gunjan says Manjeet will do, she is like Geet’s mum. Manjeet waits for Dilawar and does aarti of Geet, thinking she is sacrificing Geet, just Dilawar comes to take her.
Gunjan says I think Dilawar won’t come, as he does not know to treat Geet well. Veera says he will come, he won’t back out. Dilawar comes there and greets them. They all get shocked seeing him. He asks Balwant can he take his wife and daughter to him after patphere ritual. Manjeet says what can we do now, we have to send Geet. Geet signs no to Veera. Dilawar asks Geet to come. Baldev says what if she does not want to come. Dilawar says its panchayat’s decision, he has to keep good care of Geet.
She stands up and falls down. Dilawar sees her feet hurt, and asks what happened. Veera and Gunjan ask Dilawar to take him later. Dilawar says he will make her take rest, he will lift her and take her. Geet says she will walk by Veera’s support. Manjeet asks Dilawar to take care of Geet. Baldev says you can’t trouble her, we will know it. Dilawar says don’t worry, I will take care of them.
Dilawar takes Geet and Deepu.
Baldev says I think we should not send them with Dilawar. Manjeet smiles and thinks Dilawar has done what he said, they got lost.
The Episode starts with Dilawar asking Deepu to come along, he will lock here and she can’t go to Ranvi. Geet asks him to leave Deepu. He locks Deepu in the room, and asks Geet did she thinks he will get saved, he will leave Deepu, why did she tell in panchayat that she will not stay with him, she thought Veera can save her. He asks will she go to Ranvi like this. He hurts her and she cries. She recalls Veera’s words to have strength. He holds her hair and she pushes him. She is unable to get up. He says he will not leave her. She asks him to leave her.
Veera comes there and he says you. Ranvi, Baldev, Gunjan, Balwant and panchayat comes along. Dilawar gets shocked. Geet runs and frees Deepu. Veera asks Dilawar did he feel he will fail them, and scolds him. Dilawar says so this was your plan. She says yes. FB shows Veera planning with Baldev and Ranvi to take panchayat to take to Dilawar’s home with he hurts Geet, then everything will be proved. Baldev says he has convinced them, they will come there. Gunjan says if Dilawar does not hurt Geet, he will make them trust him. Veera says she can try once.
Gunjan ties fake bandage to Geet, and Veera says Dilawar gets happy troubling helpless people. She says he will hurt Geet seeing she is unable to walk, and asks Geet to be strong. Current scene shows Baldev and Ranvi asking panchayat to see Dilawar’s truth. The panchayat scolds Dilawar and ask him to work as labor in the fields for two months. Dilawar acts innocent. Geet says wait, and slaps Dilawar. She asks him not to think to cage her and her daughter again by any plan.
She hugs Deepu and cries. Deepu runs to Ranvi and hugs him. Veera consoles Geet. Gunjan apologizes to Geet. She says Deepu will stay with Ranvi, they both will be happy. Ranvi realizes Gunjan changed. Gunjan asks Geet and Deepu to stay with them. Geet refuses saying she did a lot for her, she does not want to trouble her now, but if Deepu is happy with Ranvi, I don’t have any objection. They smile.
Dilawar talks to Manjeet on phone and tells how Veera and Ranvi have exposed him. She says don’t expect help from me, I told you to contro your anger, and ends call. He says she did not do this right, she has to help me. Gunjan talks to Ratan’s pic and says she wants Ranvi to forgive her. Ranvi hears her and sees Ratan’s pic.
Veera sees door open and goes to see. Manjeet and Dilawar have a talk about ruining Ranvi and Veera. She asks him to talk in low tone. Veera says whats Manjeet doing here. Dilawar asks her to see his next plan. Manjeet says all your plans flopped, you kept bomb in godown and Ratan heard, its good we killed her. Veera gets shocked hearing this. Manjeet asks Dilawar to go home, she will come to meet him. he leaves. Veera cries saying Biji.
She hides seeing Manjeet coming and says she is serving Ratan’s killer here, no one knows her truth, who was there with her, I will find out. He says she will see him tomorrow by other way and bring her truth out. Its morning, Baldev wakes up and gets a letter. He gets shocked reading it and thinks who has written this. Bansuri also gets the letter and is shocked. Balwant, Ranvi and Gunjan also get the letter and are shocked. Ranvi does not read it, thinking its Gunjan’s apology, whom he can’t forgive so soon. Gunjan reads Ratan’s killer is alive, his truth will be out, reach on address alone, don’t tell anyone about this letter.
Manjeeet and Dilawar get the letter and talk what to do, as they are called there alone. Dilawar asks her not to worry. She says who is doing this. He thinks she will make him fall in trouble. She asks him to come and he denies. Everyone make excuses and try to go to that place on time. Manjeet comes there and sees Vera in disguise of a sardar.
Dilawar asks Veera to give the proof. She says she has given the phone and asks him to leave Deepu. Geet hugs Deepu. Dilawar says now its time for revenge and aims at Veera. Ranvi is shocked.

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