Veera Episode 794–795 Update on Monday 1st January 2018

The Episode starts with Manjeet asking Geet how can he marry without asking her. Gunjan thinks Dilawar fulfilled his promise soon and smiles. Baldev says he has got Geet kidnapped and made her marry Geet. Balwant slaps and scolds him. Baldev says he did this for Gunjan’s happiness. Veera says she will never see Baldev’s face now. Baldev defends his decision and explains how Gunjan is happy by her doubt. Dilawar starts acting. Bansuri supports Baldev.
Dilawar says he will give a good life to Geet, she will stay here in the pind, whats wrong in this and tries to convince everyone. He says he likes Geet, he was bad man before and has changed because of Ratan, he will love Deepu as father and bring smile back on Geet’s face, everything will be fine. Veera says Geet did not wish to marry, then how could Baldev force her, this is not a marriage, but a sin, you have kidnapped her, so she married. Geet says this marriage happened by my wish, its true he kidnapped me, but I married by my wish. They are shocked.
She says she wanted to marry, and its her decision, Baldev did not force her, she has thought well and married Dilawar, just do my bidaai with happiness. Bansuri asks everyone not to curse Baldev now. Dilawar asks Balwant to trust him, he will keep them happy. Balwant says yes, we don’t have any option. Baldev asks Gunjan is she happy now. Gunjan thanks him, and says he is best brother, how can she cry now. Dilawar goes to make a call.
Baldev and Veera argue over his mistake. Dilawar talks to Gunjan and says he will manage Geet, and asks her not to worry. He says he has got all the fields on his name. She asks him to earn from the fields, he deserves to get the fields. He leaves. Gunjan gets bit worried knowing about Ranvi’s reaction about giving the fields. Bansuri comes and asks what did she do. Gunjan says nothing. Bansuri asks her to win Ranvi’s trust again and make him realize that she loves him the most.
Geet gets sad in her room. Veera comes to talk to her. Geet says I have married by my wish. Veera says you can tell me if anyone forced you to marry, and if you are unhappy, I m with you, I will talk to Balwant. Geet thanks her for everything she did till now, its time she has to decide on her own and face her fears. Veera says I m always with you, I will know your problem as I m close to you, just give me a call. She hugs Geet.
Dilawar and Geet are going. Ranvi asks Dilawar to keep Geet happy and not get angry on her. Dilawar assures him. Geet and Dilawar meet everyone. Deepu asks can’t she meet Ranvi now. Ranvi says we will stay in same pind, take care of your Biji, and become friend with Dilawar. He looks at Geet. Veera says I m always with Geet. Dilawar signs Manjeet and leaves with them. Ranvi lets Deepu go and gets sad. Manjeet starts crying. Bansuri says its good Geet and Deepu got a good home, everyone will be happy now. Ranvi worries. He talks to Veera. She asks him to keep Gunjan happy and smiles.
Veera sits thinking in her room, and power goes. She sees someone and asks who is it. She asks him not to come close, she will beat him. The power comes and its Baldev.
The Episode starts with Veera seeing the power gone. She sees someone coming and says don’t come close.

Power comes and she sees its Baldev. They start arguing again. He asks does she have objection that Geet is happy with Dilawar. She says I will be happy if she is happy, you threatened me that our relation will go bad if Gunjan is happy, now I m threatening you, if I get to know Geet is unhappy with Dilawar, then it will affect our relation. He is shocked.

Dilawar drinks and Manjeet calls him. He says he wanted to thank and hug her. She says she has to show she is unhappy with the marriage, and smiles. She says you thought well and his plan was good. You have Ratan’s land, now whats next. Dilawar says I will get everything. She asks will you make Ranvi beg. He ends the call. He comes to Geet in drunken state and she says she will get food for him. He stops her and starts misbehaving. She asks for some time. He pushes her and says she has to agree to what he says. She screams and Deepu hears her. She runs to see Geet.
Geet says let me go, and Dilawar slaps her. Deepu asks why is Geet crying. Geet asks Dilawar not to do this infront of Deepu. He sends Deepu out and shuts the door. Geet cries and he beats her. Baldev and Veera come to Gunjan’s home. Sunjan says she has invited them for dinner, she is happy. Baldev says I was worried. Gunjan says she has to talk to him, and thank for help. I had to apologize from you and Veera.
Veera says we all will be happy. Gunjan says Ranvi has gone to bring jalebis, he will come soon. Ranvi is on the way and wishes Deepu gets happiness in her new home. He sees Deepu running on the road and asks what is she doing here, where is Geet and Dilawar. Deepu cries. He asks what happened, and takes her. Dilawar gets close to Geet, and she asks him to leave her. Ranvi hears them and goes to see.
He knocks the door. Dilawar asks Deepu to get lost before he breaks her head. Ranvi breaks open the door and gets angry seeing Dilawar torturing Geet. Dilawar asks Ranvi what is he doing here, its between his and his wife. Ranvi asks is he drunk. Dilawar says this is my wish, you take Deepu and go out. Ranvi slaps Dilawar, and scolds him. He starts beating Dilawar. Geet asks Ranvi to leave Dilawar. Ranvi asks her to keep quiet, he can’t forgive Dilawar.
Dilawar says she is my wife, I can do anything, who is she to you. Ranvi holds his neck and says you can never understand this relation, you have sick mentality. Geet says leave hi, this is my marriage, I can manage it, don’t interfere. Ranvi warns Dilawar to treat Geet and Deepu well, else he will not leave her. Deepu hugs Geet and they cry. Ranvi looks at them sadly and leaves.
Ranvi comes home, and everyone was waiting for him. He looks at Gunjan. Baldev asks why did you go to Dilawar’s house, why did you beat him. Gunjan says Dilawar called and said you blamed him to misbehave with Geet. Baldev asks Ranvi not to lie. Ranvi says yes, I went there. Baldev asks why did you go there. Veera asks Baldev to listen Ranvi, and asks Ranvi to say the truth. Ranvi says I have beaten Dilawar, I would have killed him, if Geet did not stop me. They are shocked.
Dilawar covers his face and ignites fire somewhere, saying Ranvi has slapped me at my home, now I have all the lands, and your land will also come on my name soon, what will you do now Ranvi, I will take revenge. Gunjan asks Ranvi not to lie, you don’t want Geet to become someone’s wife. Ranvi says I told you the truth, and you are not believing. Baldev says even I don’t believe. Veera says Ranvi can never lie, we have to do something. Gunjan says yes, you got a way to get Geet back in my life. Ranvi says this doubt had made Gunjan mad. Baldev says don’t dare to call her mad.
A man comes and says Ranvi’s fields caught fire, and asks him to come soon. They get shocked. Ranvi runs to the field and everyone come there. He says he did not become a good son and good farmer. Bansuri says its rainy season, how can field catch fire. Baldev says Ranvi does not have enemies. Veera gets kerosene smell and says it means someone has done this intentionally.
Ranvi and Baldev say they will not leave the person doing this. Bansuri says who can do this. Balwant asks Ranvi to come home with them, its looks like rain will shower now. Dilawar comes home and throws the kerosene box. Veera comes there and Geet hides her wounds. Dilawar asks Veera to come and have food. Veera says Ranvi’s field caught fire. He asks how did this happen. She says she will find it soon. He says its very bad thing. Geet gets sad. Veera sees the kerosene box there and looks at him. She says someone has done this intentionally, it was a well thought plan. She says she will not leave the culprit. He gets tensed.
Gunjan asks Ranvi did he do right by keeping home mortgaged. Dilawar comes there with Geet and Deepu, and their bags. Gunjan is shocked.

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