Veera Episode 471–472 Update on Friday 19th May 2017

The Episode starts with Veera stressed out thinking to admit her feelings to Baldev. She says I have to go to him and tell him I love him, and lets see what happens next. She comes to him and says Baldev its good you are not looking at me now. She says don’t look at me till I finish. She says we always fought since childhood, then we became friends, and you came with me to Poland, helped me, cared for me, worried for me, we spend so much time together, I got feelings for you in my heart, I mean I like you and when our trip ended, my feelings got stronger, I don’t know what you think about me, but I thougth I should tell you. She closes her eyes and says now you can look at me. He does not turn.
She says Baldev, you did not reply, are you listening. She holds him and he turns, having earplugs on. He smiles seeing her and asks when did you come. She says it means you did not hear me. He says wait and stops the song. He says I did not hear anything, what were you saying, I was hearing song, my friend gave me this gift. She gets sad. He says tell me what you want to say. She says actually…… Baldev’s friend comes and asks Baldev to come fast. Baldev says wait and asks Veera to say. She says nothing, go. She leaves. Baldev says tell me what you were saying. She always confuses me.
He asks Lord was he confused when he was making her and leaves with his friend. She comes home and cries as everything went wrong. She talks to the sheep and tells him that she loves the naughty Baldev, she tried to tell him her feelings and everything went wrong. He did not listen, stupid. She says I won’t say again. She says you should give me some idea. The sheep goes. She sees her childhood pic and says what am I doing. I could not do my work at school, but I did not lose hope and tried till I succeeded, then how can I lose now, love is the biggest test of life.

She says yes, I will try again, till I tell him my feelings, else Chaiji told about her friend, that will happen, no, I can’t let that happen, be confident, its new day tomorrow, I will try again. I will tell my feelings to him and everything will be fine. Gunjan tells her family lets enjoy and play a game. She suggests Dumb charades. Sonia says she has work. But Gunjan insists. She brings chits to decide the team players. Balwant gets Sonia’s name and Gunjan asks Sonia to go to his side. Gunjan does this purposely. Bansuri gets Gunjan on her side. Baldev says where should I go. Bansuri says you are my son and will be in my team.
Gunjan asks Sonia to tell a name to Baldev in his ears. She says it. Baldev says its east and does the acting. Sonia smiles happily and Gunjan is glad seeing her. He says Akele Hum akela Tum, Gunjan senses Sonia’s loneliness by this words. Gunjan gives a name to Balwant and he acts. Sonia guests. Gunjan gives Hum Saath Saath Hain. Gunjan says you did cheating. Sonia says why are you saying this to Papa ji, I mea uncle ji, he did not cheat, I will go now. She leaves. Gunjan smiles.
Veera gets ready in morning and says I will rehearse well today to tell Baldev. Her voice jams and she is unable to talk. She says how will I tell my feelings to Baldev now. Ranvi comes and sees her asking what happened. He says talk less and you will be fine, I will ask Biji to make kada. Veera thinks how will Baldev know my feelings now. Chaiji teases Veera and Ratan smiles. Veera asks Ratan how did she admit her feelings to her dad, how they met. Chai ji says tell her, she is eating my brain since yesterday, I don’t think its her friend’s matter, she is asking as if she is writing a book.
Ratan tells her how Sampooran called her on a cliff and said he loves me. Mahiya……………plays……….. She says his words are still in my heart. She gets sad. Veera holds her ears and says sorry. Ratan says love is not a wound, but ointment, a person is lucky to falls in love and gets it. She says its a beautiful relation of love , don’t worry, I m fine. Everyone smile. Veera thinks yes I can’t believe this, her words gave me more strength. I will tell my feelings to him. Ranvi comes to meet Gunjan and shouts her name to see her before going to fields.
He calls her name and she does not answer. He thinks if I go in, they will think I can’t live without her for a single day what to do. He climbs the tree and comes through window. He hugs her and he says I called you so many times, so I came like this to see my wife. He says I feel everything like before, you here and I there. She says some days more. He says fine, now I saw you, everything will be fine. She smiles. Baldev waits for Veera as she called him to meet. He says I can’t control my love, when I hear her, my heart feels strange and sweet, like something attracts me to her. He says control Baldev, no use to think this.

The Episode starts with Veera admitting her feelings to Baldev with her bad voice. He says I understood and my answer is yes. She is so happy and smiles. He says lets go. She asks where. He says where you want to go. She goes with him. He brings her to medical shop and gives her a syrup. She is shocked. He says you told me about sore throat and asking me can I take you to medical shop. She says I wanted to tell you my feelings. He says you want something hot to drink, fine, lets have ginger tea. She brings a pen and a paper. He says fine, write it. She starts writing and the paper flies. She gets the paper and Baldev gets a call. He says I have to go, Gunjan is calling me, we will talk later.
He says take medicines on time and leaves. She thinks since I decided to tell my feelings, something is happening, maybe he does not want us to be together, no, he won’t have any problem with our love, that’s why he made us spent time together. Baldev thinks what does Veera want to tell me, she is doing strange things, she sees me as if she is taking my pic in her eyes. He says does she like me? No, I m mad to think this, this can’t happen in dream too, she is different and her choice is different, she is my friend but she can’t love me.
Veera says strange, I became his friend for my family’s sake and now I love him. Yaara ve………………plays…………Ranvi comes to her and smiles saying your throat is fine now, what were you saying. Veera says no, why are you still awake. He says nothing. She teases him on Gunjan’s name. He says I can’t be without her, everything was fine before marriage, but now things have changed. She says I will go and sleep now. She leaves. Ranvi misses Gunjan. Sonia says how many days will I have to be here, I m feeling strange, as this love is irritating me, to see this love is not for me.
She says I want to run from this house. Gunjan comes to her and talks to her with love. She brings milk for her. Sonia says I don’t want. Gunjan insists. Sonia says no, why do you care for me. Baldev hears this and is angry seeing Sonia throw the glass on the floor. He says Sonia ji, whats this, she was giving you milk and you did this. Gunjan says its fine. Sonia says I m not talking to you. Baldev says this is my house, how dare you talk to my sister like this, she was not giving you poison, you are fighting with her.
He says you are a guest here, only guest, stay in your limit here. Sonia says I did not come here by my wish, Gunjan brought me here. Baldev says so go back. Gunjan says Baldev lets go from here. Baldev says how can she do this, is this the way to talk. Gunjan brings him out. He fumes and asks why are bearing her, what right does she have here. Gunjan says she has a right, being our elder sister, she can scold us. Baldev is shocked. He says what, elder sister? Gunjan says yes, Sonia’s real name is Chanchali, she is Papa ji’s first wife’s daughter, so she is our sister.

Baldev is shaken up by this fact. He says how can this happen, what are you saying, Papa ji’s daughter. Gunjan says yes, its sudden for us, and for Chanchali Didi, she is living this truth since truth. He asks why does she come back. Gunjan says she came to meet Papa ji and get his love. She says only we got love from Papa ji, if person knows there is no one on this world for them, they can stay, but if she knows there is someone away, then think how much pain she has in her. Sonia packs her bag. Baldev comes to her and smiles.
He says Sonia ji…….. I spoke rudely to you, I m sorry and folds his hands. He says my head blows like pressure cooker and I can’t control myself, forgive me thinking I was kiddish, think I m your younger brother. Sonia looks at her. He says you don’t go from here, you will live here with all of us in this house, think this is your house, I promise I will not do this again. Sonia says she is leaving. He says I won’t let you go, if you, I will bring all luggage back. Baldev asks her to have something and then sleep. Gunjan is happy seeing Baldev. He comes out and smiles. Gunjan thanks him. He says why thanks, I m proud of you.

She says the real thing starts now and I need your help. He says I will do anything to unite Papa ji and Chanchali Didi, she has bear a lot, but now she will get all her rights. He hugs Gunjan and they smile. Veera talks to Sampooran’s pic and says she is going to apply for the sponsorship and she is sure she will get it. She says bless me and touches the file to the pic. Ratan comes and sees this. She realizes how she was wrong in understanding Veera, as she is fulfilling Sampooran’s dream today. Veera says I m lucky to have a Biji like you. Ratan says I m also happy to get a daughter like you. Veera touches her feet and takes her blessings. She hugs Ratan and they smile looking at Sampooran’s pic. Veera leaves.

Sonia argues with Gunjan and says Papa ji gave you the love of my side. Balwant asks Papa ji. Gunjan says yes she is not Sonia, but your daughter Chanchali. Bansuri and Balwant are shocked.

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