Tolon People Know MP Is Not Working; Only Outsiders Praise Him – NDC Dr. Damba

Tolon People Know MP Is Not Working; Only Outsiders Praise Him – NDC Dr. Damba


The NDC parliamentary candidate for 2024 in the Tolon constituency, Dr. Osman Tahiru Damba has disclosed that the people in the area are not happy with their MP, Alhaji Habib Iddrisu for not leaving up to expectations, adding that it is strange how some persons outside the constituency are praising the MP.


According to them, the second deputy majority chief whip and his supporters have resorted to using social media to display few projects he has excuted, saying that they are a window-dressing of what is actually on the ground.


“We say it anytime soon that Hon. Habib is an MP for Tamale not Tolon. Because you can only feel the connections his people talk about in Tamale not Tolon. The challenges our people went through to search for water before his election is the same. Nothing has changed”, Dr. Damba said.


“The road has been tarred in a shoddy manner. Even one can use a tea spoon to peel tar on the road. And if not for our communications office, Dr. Seidu Fiter who led a demonstration against the dusty nature of the road, they wouldn’t have done anything on it”, he added.


The NDC PC who recently defeated Adam Yussif to lead the party in 2024 made the comments when he appeared on radio Tamale’s weekend’s programme on Sunday May 21 dubbed, Cheche Bariba Fiila.


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He also believed that the number of students the MP claims to have paid their school fees at various tertiary institutions were only exaggerated, stating that he too has paid fees for students but chose to remain silent on it.